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“THROW IT DOWN!” - A Highlight Reel of Auburn Dunks

With no game this weekend, here’s something to get you fired up for Wednesday.

NCAA Basketball: NC-Asheville at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s have some fun today shall we?

With no Auburn Basketball game today, I thought this would be a good time to go back and highlight some of Auburn’s best dunks through the non-conference schedule. While there were many to choose from, I’ve picked out 12 of my favorite Auburn dunks of the year for your enjoyment. In total, these 12 dunks come from 10 different players on the roster. All of these dunks are in chronological order.

Dunk #1 - November 6th

Auburn vs. South Alabama

Let’s start this thing out with a bang..... the first points of the season with authority, courtesy of Anfernee McLemore.

Dunk #2 - November 9th

Auburn vs. Washington

This really put the exclamation point on a dominating performance against Washington in a really fun environment. This is also the dunk I personally jumped the highest for so far this season, which you can see in the front row of the Auburn Jungle. I present to you: Classic Malik.

Dunk #3 - November 19th

Auburn vs. Xavier

Next, we have the dunk that generated quite the buzz for Auburn Basketball. It was #1 on SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays that day. Nothing else really needs to be said other than, HOLY COW Jared Harper!!!

Dunk #4 - November 20th

Auburn vs. Duke

This isn’t the flashiest of dunks but it was a sign of what I hope we see more of in SEC play. Austin Wiley runs the floor well, gets behind the Duke defense and finishes for an easy 2 points for the Tigers.

Dunk #5 - November 21st (Part 1)

Auburn vs. Arizona

There are two dunks from this game worth highlighting. The first is another dunk from Malik Dunbar. The best part of this dunk is what the great Bill Walton said following it.

Walton - “That’s what I’ve been waiting for, THROW IT DOWN!!”

Dunk #6 - November 21st (Part 2)

Auburn vs. Arizona

Last year’s best dunk came courtesy of Horace Spencer when he dunked vehemently over Malik Dunbar in the blowout win over Alabama at Auburn Arena. Horace Spencer added to his dunk reel with another “THROW IT DOWN” moment, plus the foul.

Dunk #7 - November 28th

Auburn vs. Saint Peter’s

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE walk-on dunks! These guys work their tails off and rarely get the love they deserve so here’s your moment Preston Cook...

Dunk #8 - December 8th (Part 1)

Auburn vs. Dayton Pregame

I couldn’t put a dunk compilation together and not share this Jordan-esque dunk from another walk-on, Myles Parker, before the Dayton game.

Dunk #9 - December 8th (Part 2)

Auburn vs. Dayton

Nothing better than a block on the defensive end, leading to a fast break where a point guard lobs it to, wait a second, another point guard?

Yep, that’s what we have here. Austin Wiley with the block, Harper runs the break and the finish by J’Von McCormick was absolutely sensational.

Dunk #10 - December 8th (Part 3)

Auburn vs. Dayton

When Bryce Brown is not knocking down 3-pointers, he’s throwing down angry dunks.

Dunk #11 - December 29th (Part 1)

Auburn vs. North Florida

Now let’s show some love to Chuma (Zuma), Okeke (Hawaii)….

The ability to adjust mid-flight to throw it down with one hand instead of two, is the most impressive thing on this dunk.

Dunk #12 - December 29th (Part 2)

Auburn vs. North Florida

Ho hum, just another beautiful fast-break dunk from Malik Dunbar.

What was your favorite dunk of the season so far? Comment below. War Eagle!