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Music City Bowl GIF Recap

Courtesy of AU Nerd and his fantastic knowledge!

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Auburn vs Purdue Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn’s 63-14 win over the Purdue in the Music City Bowl was as dominant a bowl victory as you’re going to see. What’s maybe most important is that it wasn’t just a case of Auburn being motivated to play while Purdue decidedly didn’t care about being there. It was a culmination of nearly a month of prep and hashing out the strategy “Let Gus be Gus”.

Let’s get you the intricacies of how Auburn dismantled the Boilermakers, courtesy of AU Nerd with his eagle-eyed analysis!


Here’s the first touchdown of the day, featuring an classic Gus installment. Does that little stomp fake look familiar?

When Auburn got on defense (after only three plays on offense), it was readily evident that the Tiger athletes were a little better than Purdue’s...

Once Auburn got back on offense, you could see the different running strategy of Kam Martin. Don’t be Kerryon, be yourself.

And while Jarrett Stidham missed the big play with this one, it was a foreboding omen for the Boilermakers as they allowed Darius Slayton to speed right by them.

Auburn’s receivers were just too good for the Purdue defense across the board.

And the offensive line had a great game against an overmatched opponent as well. Two of the first three touchdowns were just mauling.

Defense again had a ton of success, peep it here.

For the long touchdown (first one) to Slayton, it looks like Auburn tested the waters on first down and then hit Purdue when they got the look they wanted.

If Derrick Brown comes back, Auburn might have the best defensive line in the country in 2019.

Again, Slayton was just ridiculous compared to the DBs Purdue put on the field. This play would have been a nice gain, but nothing huge against any SEC team.

Maybe Derrick Brown’s play earlier in the game indirectly kick-started Auburn’s next score, as Purdue gave him way too much attention and forgot about the other good defensive linemen.

There were a ton of good days from the defenders, including Javaris Davis, who had 4 tackles and an interception, but he did much more than that throughout the game.

Also, after getting the key block on Slayton’s second touchdown, Marquel Harrell had already established himself. Now, he does it in the run game. If we get the line back next year intact, it could be a very pleasant surprise from what we saw this season.

Oh, also, we’re going to see a bunch more of this next season.


I thought watching live that this might have been Stidham’s best play of the day. He gets pressure, steps up, and makes an accurate throw for the first down.

Oh, and in case you wanted some of the senior that’s been making huge plays for three years now, here’s some Deshaun Davis.

As Nerd says in the explanation, there’s a huge difference when the QB trusts his offensive line. I hope that whichever quarterback we have next season gets that luxury with a line that brings back some guys who’ve seasoned a bit.

Also, we ran buck sweep with some success this year when other run plays weren’t quite working. Everyone can agree that the Shaun Shivers version is fun to watch.

And despite losing Dean, I feel pretty good about what we have coming back in the secondary.

And now we get a little look at the backup quarterbacks. First it’s #VoteMalik.

But, Team #Greatwood gets a boost here as the game ends and Auburn comes inches shy of hanging a 70-burger on Purdue.

War Eagle!