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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

They’re baAaAaAaAaAaAack!

We’re back! It’s the triumphant 2019 post-holiday return of the Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken! After two Mondays without an episode (sorry, some of us like to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s), you get to experience the Ali-like reentry to the podcasting ring of Son of Crow, Ryan Sterritt, and AU Chief. It’s a big day. Huge day.

There’s a ton to cover, and we couldn’t do it without the generosity and support of CHAMP’S CHICKEN, who makes the best tenders and sauces this side of the tracks. Go check ‘em out on Opelika Road and enjoy some fantastic food.

Today, we’re going to go over, uh...

  • Auburn basketball’s wins over Murray State and North Florida, and the loss to NC State (curses!)
  • Auburn football recruiting (although the full post-mortem’s coming soon with AU Nerd)
  • The dang Music City Bowl where Auburn eviscerated Purdue
  • And whatever else comes to Crow’s mind


War Eagle!