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The Off Week in College Football can be a mixed bag. Sometimes, you get the cold shoulder and have a bunch of Honeysuckle Middle School vs Savannah School for the Arts games. Luckily, for the Auburn fans among us, this was so not the case on Saturday. No no, the Saturday slate was full of great games and close finishes. It was also chock full of feel good moments that will get me through some of the cold fall nights for a few weeks to come at least! I’m sure you didn’t miss anything this week and if you did, come enjoy it with the rest of us, right here, in the Roasted! WIDE LEFT EDITION!


Ok, gimme a minute on this soap box. How lucky can Georgia be? Sure, we found out Saturday as Carolina beat them in 2 Overtimes, but really…how lucky can they be?? At NO POINT during the game did I actually believe that Carolina would take down the Dawgs.

Don’t get me wrong, Carolina definitely got lucky as well, especially with the play that gave them the lead till the end of regulation.

However, Georgia would need to hold Carolina’s 3rd string QB ANNNNND get help from the refs on an iffy holding call on a 4th and goal with a minute or so left in the ballgame to even push it to OT. In the first OT, Georgia would throw an interception and Carolina would miss a field goal. In the second OT, Carolina would get the 3 pointer and that would set up Georgia to try to match them.

While it’s a bad loss for Georgia, just like everyone’s first loss for the most part, they still control their own destiny, but this is a bad home loss for the Dawgs and leaves no room for error down the stretch. And with that offense they were running Saturday…there is a ton of room for that.

Ok, moving on…


You want me to be mean and post fan photos from the end of the game? Come on guys. Be better than that. Everyone loses and no one likes to laugh at a rival’s misery like everyone did last week to us.

I am saving this edition for when I’m having a bad day.


So, if you are an avid follower of our little funhouse of sad we have here, you will know that I like to have videos and something crazy to happen in a game before I reference it. I looked high and low for anything…anything at all. And I got nothing. I only have the ‘highlights’ so…if you feel brave…

No thank you.

The real reason this game is on our parade of hilarity, is because Auburn lost an embarrassing trivia answer with this one. Before yesterday, Auburn was Tennessee’s last SEC win. Well, Auburn just shipped that shirt Next Day UPS to Starkvegas with a thank you note for taking it away! Also, this happened after State was on a bye week coming off of the punishment in Jordan-Hare. For whatever reason, Moorehead still wanted to start Tommy Stevens over Garrett Shrader when its obvious to everyone on Earth that Shrader gives State the better chance to win. I don’t know if Stevens has compromising photos of him or what but if Stevens starts against LSU next week, you have your answer.


Remember when this was the matchup in the ACC? Neither do FSU fans so its cool. Florida State got demolished.

And it wasn’t just on defense…

Too be honest, Clemson truly could have named the score but it reminded me of this as well…

FSU bad. FSU real bad. And Clemson is pretty good. The loss ends FSU’s 2 game winning streak and pushes the Noles back to 3-3 on the year with a trip to Winston Salem next week to take on a Deacon team that just lost an insane 62-59 game to Louisville to drop them to 5-1 on the year. Good luck with that FSU…good luck.