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Staff Picks - College Football Week 8

Base your guesses on who we don’t pick for premium accuracy!

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go, heavy on the PAC-12 and we get yet another Michigan game for Crow to scoff at. If you’d like to submit your picks as well, just visit the link below to make sure they’re documented!


Oregon (-3) @ Washington (O/U 51)

Washington has been a huge let down this year. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt dropping that weird rain delay-ed game vs Cal, but they then lost to a god-awful Stanford team. I know this game is in Seattle, but I can’t help but think UW should be getting at least a touchdown in this one. If the Ducks win here, the division is practically wrapped up for them. I think the #1 defense in the country gets it done, 27-17 Ducks. - Ryan Sterritt

So, when thinking about this game, I just don’t trust the Huskies. And after doing research, I really don’t. Since Peterson got to Seattle, the Huskies are 10-14 vs AP Top 25 teams and 0-2 against Oregon teams that enter the game ranked in the top 25. Good enough for me, especially since I think Oregon is the best team in the Pac-14 or whatever. Oregon covers, 28-17 and under. - Drew Mac

I feel like we, as fans, like to project success onto former opponents, even though it may not mean very much, because it inflates Auburn’s resume in some way. Folks, this ain’t that. Oregon is a great football team. Their defense is pretty remarkable, and I think they’re getting better. Oregon right now is on pace to allow less (fewer? Whatever) touchdowns to conference opponents than they did to Auburn (don’t check my math there). I like Oregon here, and big. Oregon 35, Washington 13. - Josh Dub

This one is a sneaky matchup. The Ducks might have one of the best QBs in the country but his receiving corps is very limited due to injuries which now includes his go to target in tight end Jacob Breeland. On the flip side, Washington has put together two really bad clunkers this season but still have the potential to take the Ducks down. I think this one is low scoring with Oregon’s #1 ranked defense proving the difference. UO 27 UW 13. - AU Nerd

Washington is an up and down squad that’s lost to both Bay Area schools. The Ducks have rolled right along since the opener and arguably, this might be their toughest game left on the schedule. But the Ducks offense is rolling right now and as Auburn fans, the more Oregon wins, the better Auburn looks perception wise. Oregon 38 Washington 24 - Will McLaughlin

Having not really kept up with the PAC 12 very much, I thought “Oh, this has to be the decider for the division right?” In a way, I guess it is since if Oregon wins there isn’t much chance they will slip up enough to let any of the other teams catch them. However, even if they lose they are still firmly in the driver’s seat. From what little I’ve seen I think Oregon is the best team in the conference and they’ll take another step towards a title with a win here. Oregon 26, Washington 24 - AU Chief

Oregon is by far the more consistent team. My biggest point of frustration with Oregon was my biggest point of gratitude in week 1…they run the ball too often when they should pass with a dynamic quarterback. I don’t expect the Huskies to be able to hold up against an Oregon team that should be playing more of an up-tempo, pass-centric style of offense instead of having their Saban-minded coach hold them back. Oregon 34 Washington 24 - Josh Black

Oregon continues to be really good. The win over the ducks by auburn gives me hope against the teams remaining on our schedule. Washington is really tough to predict all the sudden, so I’m going with the ducks. Oregon 35 Washington 20 - Son of Crow

Washington has been an unpredictable mess all season. They’ve blown out BYU after the Cougars upset USC and Tennessee. They’ve lost to an average Stanford team. I think they’ll be ready for this one, but I don’t think it will be enough. Oregon will control the game, run the ball more than they should, and keep the Huskies at arm’s length. Oregon 24, Washington 14 (Oregon covers, UNDER) - James Jones

Belushi’s all the Washington fans after they suffer yet another loss.

One Georgia transfer QB does well (Justin Fields) and the other one does not-as-well and plays for a not-as-good team (Jacob Eason). Oregon’s loved by all the metrics and the fact that their defense gets better and better looks nice for us. Duckies win 38-14. - Jack Condon

Arizona State @ Utah (-14) (O/U 49.5)

Just as the Pac 12 North could be decided this week, the winner of this one will be in the driver’s seat in the South. Utah is ostensibly the better team here, but damn it if I don’t REALLY want Herm to be successful in Tempe. The Utah defensive line will be the best unit on the field, so I’ll take them to win in a super low scoring game. 20-7 Utes. - Ryan Sterritt

This one is really interesting. I thought the Herm Edwards project was going to be a dumpster fire to watch. Instead it is somehow working. I don’t think they win this one on the road in Salt Lake but I think they get really close and have a shot at the end. State with the backdoor cover but Utes win 38-34 and the over. - Drew Mac

I get WHY were picking this game, bug I just don’t care. I’m too old to stay up and watch these. So, team Herm I guess. Arizona State 31, Utah 28 - Josh Dub

Don’t mind Herm, he’s just leading his Sun Devils to the top of the PAC-12 South standings is all.... Utah is absolutely the better team but being the better team hasn’t mattered a ton playing Arizona State this year. I expect this to be an ugly affair with the Utes questioning the reason for their existence midway through the 3rd quarter. But in the end, Utah’s stout DL proves too much and they are able to knock Herm off his perch. Utah 28 Arizona State 17 - AU Nerd

This is a Top 20 contest and unless you’re one of the few that have Pac-12 Network, you won’t be able to watch it. I wanna give some credit to Arizona State for going out of the box and hiring Herm Edwards. When he was hired, a vast majority of people (and I did too) thought what on earth were the Sun Devils thinking. But he’s got his team at 5-1 so far this year in Edwards 2nd year and helped put the Sun Devils back on the map. Utah has quietly gone about their business and also sit at 5-1 on the year. I think Utah wins but the Sun Devils cover. Utah 28 Arizona State 20 - Will McLaughlin

So I had to double check the spread on this one. Utah is favored by 2 TDs? Sounds like the Herm Edwards experiment is going really well. The Sun Devil’s have the same record as the Utes, so I guess it’s not all bad, but dang that’s a helluva spread. Anyway, I knowing nothing about either of these teams I guess I’ll go with Utah. Utah 32, Arizona State 21 - AU Chief

If a game is on the Pac-12 Network, does it even exist? Utah 27 Arizona State 20. - Josh Black

I haven’t watched one minute of either of these teams but I know herm Edwards hasn’t exactly installed the air raid. Utah 30, ASU 14. - Son of Crow

The Sun Devils can open it up when necessary, and they play a close game nearly every week. They’re very much a 10-6 style NFL team. Plenty of games within the margins. When Utah is healthy, they’re the best team in the PAC-12 South. They win at home, but I don’t like them to cover that number. Utah 31, Arizona State 25 (Utah wins, ASU covers, OVER) - James Jones

Wasn’t Utah supposed to be incredible this year? Best defensive line in the country? Admittedly I haven’t watched any of their snaps, but I just feel like going with Hermie here. Sun Devils spring the upset 31-27. - Jack Condon

Michigan @ Penn State (-8.5) (O/U 45.5)

At a certain point, you just have to accept the Michigan offense is trash. I’ll give Penn State the benefit of the doubt from last week, as Iowa is prone to do that to people, but otherwise their offense has been a ton of fun to watch to far. QB Sean Clifford is completing 65% of his passes for nearly 10 YPA, but he’s far from a pocket passer. He’s the team’s second leading rusher with 252 yards on the ground on 59 attempts (most on the team). Give me Penn State 28-17, and cue up the Jim Harbaugh 3rd Place memes. - Ryan Sterritt

*begins to read matchup*

*get to the “Mich’ part*

Yup, the other team.

Not Michigan covers and wins 24-10 and the under - Drew Mac

The B1G brand of football right now is gritty, low scoring, tough football games. Penn State is doing everything right (except the Pitt game. Ignore Pitt.) If Michigan wins, they’ll be right back in the conversation. If they lose, Harbaugh might have some uncomfortable conversations coming up with his superiors. Penn State 24, Michigan 22 - Josh Dub

I don’t trust either of these teams. Both have an insane amount of talent but are lead by coaches who thrive at snatching defeats from the jaws of victory. But do I really trust Shea Patterson to go on the road & get a big W? I do not.... Nittany Lions get it done. PSU 24 MICH 14 - AU Nerd

These two have wins over Iowa the last two weeks, and I picked Iowa both times. Never again Iowa... Anyways, a Whiteout at night and no faith in Michigan, I have to go Nittany Lions here. Penn State 24, Michigan 13 - Will McLaughlin

Penn State 28, Michigan 21 - AU Chief

Good grief Michigan has a horrendous offense. I’m honestly surprised the spread isn’t a tad bit wider since the game is in Happy Valley. I don’t view what happened at Iowa last week to be indicative of much for Penn State, as playing poorly in Iowa is a thing that happens to just about everybody. Penn State 27 Michigan 10 - Josh Black

Jack is trolling us. I’d rather talk about the NBA. Penn state 22, MICH 12. - Son of Crow

Bad offensive lines don’t travel. I could potentially have a bit of a vested interest here. Penn State struggles on offense at times, and they tend to make mistakes that kill drives. However, I don’t think Michigan can do anything to punish them. Defensive touchdown picks up the front door cover, but it stays under by the hook. Penn State 28, Michigan 17 (Penn State covers, UNDER) - James Jones

Why are we picking this game? Because I like watching Crow and Chief suffer when they’re forced to acknowledge B1G football. Michigan is just not good, and boring to watch. Penn State is slightly less boring. Lions 34-20. - Jack Condon

Tennessee @ Alabama (-35) (O/U 61.5)

We’re seriously picking this one? Ugh, fine. Tua is gonna blast these guys and pad his Heisman numbers before he has to go up against Burrow in a few weeks. 52-20 Tide. - Ryan Sterritt

Last week Tenneseee got their first SEC win of the year.

They won’t get one this week...

The team Tennessee is playing wins and covers.

48-10 - Drew Mac

Don’t let an SEC win fool you, Tennessee is still a massive dumpster fire. Alabama gets to cakewalk through their biggest rival once again. Alabama 51, Tennessee 17 - Josh Dub

Lol. Alabama 52 Tennessee 17 - AU Nerd

Our National Nightmare is over!!!! Alabama finally got a night game!!! (They got one next week too). Guess they’ll have to find something else to gripe about now. Alabama 55, Tennessee 14 - Will McLaughlin

Remember that time Tennessee almost beat Alabama? That was 10 freaking years ago. Oof. Alabama 56, Tennessee 10 - AU Chief

Alabama may hit the over here by themselves. The only good thing to come out of this game is the complaint out of Tide fans that the game is kicking off…too late. You just hate to see it. Alabama 59 Tennessee 13 - Josh Black

Alabama is going to destroy Tennessee, as is the ritual. Let the record show I have been respectful to the tide. Alabama 45 Tenn 4 - Son of Crow

Vegas is daring you to take Tennessee in this one. If this line was under 30, everybody would bet Alabama. I still think they probably cover. I’m not sure that UT can do anything against Alabama’s secondary. Alabama 55, Tennessee 10 (Alabama covers, OVER) - James Jones

I refuse to find a GIF to pimp a pick on an Alabama win. Tide names the score. With kickoff at 8 pm CST, they’ll guarantee that the students will be there at night to see those idiot lights. Bama 59-21. - Jack Condon

Florida (-5.5) @ South Carolina (O/U 49.5)

Yeah, I do NOT trust Sakerlina to do something good two weeks in a row, especially now that Grantham will have a week to prepare for this third string Gamecock quarterback. I’ll take Florida 30-14. - Ryan Sterritt

Is it just me or were you more impressed with Florida after the LSU game than in the Auburn win? I was. I was also impressed that South Carolina beat Georgia with their 3rd string QB. What’s that? Oh, you didn’t hear that the Gamecocks beat the 3rd ranked Georgia Bulldogs between the hedges with their 3rd string QB? That’s crazy... because that absolutely happened... Carolina beating Georgia that is. But they won’t beat Florida. Florida and the under. 31-10 - Drew Mac

This line seems like an overreaction to Florida losing to the best team in the country and South Carolina beating Georgia. Florida will bounce back in a big way here. Florida 35, South Carolina 14 - Josh Dub

Oh man... This one I am VERY interested to see what happens. Ryan Hillinski is reportedly going to play while Florida’s top 2 pass rushers are not. Gamecocks got a ton of momentum while UF is looking to rebound from a strong but ultimately losing showing last weekend. I don’t think either of these teams have great offenses so it comes down to defense. If UF was fully healthy, I would give them the edge. But this is on the road in Columbia against a team that believes again.... But it’s Will Muschamp. This is the exact type of game you would confidently predict him to pull out only for his squad to pull a stinker. I trust Trask at this point more than a banged up Hillinski. Unless he throws 3 picks, including a pick 6 to end the half then I think Gators get out alive though maybe not as convincingly as AU fans would like. UF 28 SCAR 20 - AU Nerd

This game is VERY interesting now. After the Roosters shocked the world and beat Georgia in Athens (thank you very much), we’ll see who plays at QB after Ryan Hilinski left last week’s game. Yeah that’s right, South Carolina beat Georgia in Athens, with a 3rd string QB. The Gators have had back to back tough games against Auburn and LSU so we’ll see how up they get for this one. They have a bye next week before their clash with Georgia in 2 weeks. I want to pick South Carolina here badly but I learned the hard way the last time I picked South Carolina so I think Florida wins a close game. Florida 23 South Carolina 17 - Will McLaughlin

Boom really coach those boys up last weekend. What an amazing thing to see. I really don’t see it happening two weeks in a row. Although if it did it would make things pretty interesting in the East. Florida 24, South Carolina 17 - AU Chief

I’m interested to see how well the Gators can hold up with this being the tail end of a brutal 3-game stretch. Going back out on the road a week after being in Baton Rouge is going to affect this bunch, and South Carolina’s defensive front 7 is no joke. The problem is that South Carolina’s offense is all but nonexistent without Ryan Hilinski. He’s going to play Saturday according to Muschamp, but I would be shocked to see him healthy enough to lead this team to victory 2 weeks in a row. Florida 24 South Carolina 13 - Josh Black

South Carolina can’t string two competent games together. I don’t care that it’s a home game. They have coach boom, who is a buffoon. Florida 30, Scar 13. - Son of Crow

This is all in how each team reacts to their games last week. I think Florida takes some positives in what they were able to do on offense, and South Carolina won’t be able to count on a team refusing to throw over the middle or down the field. I think Florida puts it on the Gamecocks. Florida 37, South Carolina 16 (Florida covers, OVER) - James Jones

I’m gonna venture that the Gamecocks don’t score more than about 13 points in this one, and there’s no way they get two stupid games in a row to score two huge upset wins. Georgia just Georgia’d, as they’ve been known to do. Florida is going to win a really boring game and all the people that think USC has a chance to pull this one off are going to be sorely let down early on. (Please prove me wrong, Carolina). Gators 31-10. - Jack Condon