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The Unofficial Official College and Mag Survivor Pool - v3.6

Well that was almost a disaster.

NCAA Football: Southwest Classic-Texas A&M vs Arkansas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No blood this week! No issues, no worries, this one was nice and easy! We definitely didn’t almost just have this end because we all picked Texas A&M. Trust. Me.

We trudge on into Week 6 with five pickers remaining. The options keep getting slimmer, with six teams on BYE, two teams playing G5 opponents, and two of the remaining teams being Vandy and Tennessee. What to do, what to do?\

Who’s it going to be? Foy Onion? Horace Spencer’s Shoulder Muscles? Schlanky? Nerd? ME? No easy choices this week.

#7 Auburn (5-0) @ #10 Florida (5-0) - 2:30 CT

#3 UGA (4-0) @ Tennessee (1-3) - 6:00 CT

Vandy (1-3) @ Ole Miss (2-3) - 6:30 CT