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Snap Judgments: Auburn 51, Arkansas 10

Overall sentiment? Good job, move along.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was about as easy as it gets, as the Tigers beat the Hogs 51-10 in Fayetteville to get to 6-0. The defense was fantastic, holding Arkansas to just 234 yards, and it seems as though the offense found a rhythm in the second half. What did we think of the win?


Exactly what you hope for out of a win on the road before the biggest game of the season thus far. Outside of a horrendous 2nd quarter where Bo was out of sync, this football team executed at a high level today. Best thing that happened? The emergence of DJ Williams. He may be young. He may be unproven. But he also may be our best bet to carry us to victory in Baton Rouge next weekend. We’re gonna need #3. Shoutout to Gus for delivering on finding effective ways to get the ball to Schwartz. I liked what I saw from a playcalling standpoint for the most part…so long as we never pull another lineman on 3rd or 4th and 1. Now let’s move past this and immediately start LSU prep. We’re gonna need every minute of it.

-Josh Black

Had to (let’s be honest, GOT to) listen to the first few possessions on the radio this morning and enjoyed every minute of Andy and Stan. This was the get right game we all were looking for. Not everything was perfect, especially in the second quarter, but the offense still put up big numbers and Gus delivered on some of the things he said he needed to improve. Get the ball to Schwartz? 8 touches, 103 yards, 1 TD. Involve DJ Williams in the ground game? 11 carries, 48 yards. Get Joey in the game plan? He just missed one passing touchdown, and found Jay Jay Wilson for a 17 yard score. Yes, next week we have to worry about the LSU offense. But for now, let’s just enjoy a 6-1 team who just beat a conference foe by 41.

Oh, and Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson are monsters. A pair of big, beautiful monsters.

-Ryan Sterritt

8 players carried the ball for 301 yards (excluding kneeldowns). Bo was 8 for 8 for 131 yards and 3 TDs in the second half. The defense allowed just 234 total yards and forced 4 turnovers. Those are all primary ingredients for a 50-burger on the road.I think DJ Williams proved he is the kind of back that can carry 20 times in an SEC game. When Bo got in a rhythm, he was excellent. The second quarter struggles where there again. That can’t happen next week against LSU, but the important thing is that Auburn got better today with a 41-point win over a division rival.

-James Jones

kinda mad bout that PAT.

(I don’t have anything special to add that y’all haven’t said already so mine will just be that)

-Josh Dub

Onto LSU (that’s it)

-Will McLaughlin

There was a sparse crowd and we took them out of the game immediately. Marlon Davidson’s angling for his third (?) SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week award after what he did yesterday, and Derrick Brown was chasing down tailbacks on the sidelines. Those two are wild, and I’m here for it. They’re getting better each week, but of course playing against Arkansas will make just about anybody look solid.

On offense, I liked the running back rotation, and Arkansas wasn’t ready for it as Kam Martin burst for a 52-yard run right away, and then Shaun Shivers came in to score the second touchdown of the game. D.J. Williams looked like he’s going to fill Boobee’s role quite nicely, and Harold Joiner was quick and speedy. Maybe going by committee isn’t the worst thing in the world. Gus seemed to get into his sweet spot with calling plays too, even though we did have a few missed throws from Bo. The second quarter wasn’t good, but Nix came back and had a really solid and accurate second half.

We did what we were supposed to do, and got to six wins, so we’ll be playing in the winter one way or another. Everything is still ahead of us, and that begins with the toughest game of the season. LSU hasn’t played like the rough power team that they were over the past forever, but having them toss the ball all over the field is going to be a new challenge. I’m sure that we spent a good portion of the past two weeks preparing for them and not Arkansas (along with working on ourselves a good bit), and I think we may actually match up fairly well with them, even if the game is in Baton Rouge. The biggest thing for next week is making sure that the (even more) hostile environment doesn’t rattle Bo as much as Gainesville did. We’ll see.

-Jack Condon