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Boom! Roasted! - Week 8

The third Saturday in October is normally the first real weekend that you can feel that belt start to tighten up as we get over the hump of the middle of the season and begin the race to November. This year, however, the middle of October was somewhat of a sad slate of games. I mean an evening where we have to hope for Kansas to upset Texas as our entertainment? While funny, meh, mainly because who on earth has the Longhorn Network? Even satellite folks don’t get that channel and they get everything! Anywho, that doesn’t mean that things didn’t happen that we can’t point and laugh at people over, because when you dominate the Piggies…again, a pulled pork sammich and jokes are just what you want! So let’s get Roasted!


So, normally, Oklahoma is far far away from the roasted normally. It’s for good reason with offense putting up insane numbers and the Sooners cheating and finding a defense in the Big12…WHO MESSED UP AND DID THIS?! Anyway…U of O hosted West Virginia yesterday and had no problem with the Mountaineers, but they did have trouble with left turns…

HAAAARRRRRDDDD Left turn!! I don’t know what it is about seeing stuff like this go wrong that I love so much but it’s definitely a thing. I also love the guys staring at the schooner after it crashes in a ‘what do we do now’ after it crashes to the ground. Again, Oklahoma had no issue with the Mountaineers, winning 52-14, but wow…not sure how much longer they are gonna let the schooner make an appearance after this fiasco.


Missouri was the darling of the SEC East after last weekends win over the Rebs last week. The Tigers entered Commodore Stadium 5-1 with that loss their lone road contest of the season (@ Wyoming) before traveling to Nashville. Well, apparently there is something about the road unis that confuse the Tiggers.

So it’s sorta long but hey, we are football junkies. If you want to skip ahead to the last 1/3 of the video go ahead because you get to see Vandy pull off a 21-14 win over the 22nd ranked Tigers.

I’ll give you a second.

That’s right. A team that lost to UNLV last week, just beat down a team that people had crowned a dark horse to win the East. If you are Mizzou though, you lost to the right team in your division, I guess? At least everything is still in front of you with Georgia, Florida, Carolina and Tennessee ahead of you….Good luck with that!


For those of you that don’t know, I have a soft spot in my heart for Wake Forest. I lived and worked there for a couple of years. I met my wife there. Good people live there. So I pull for the Deacs any chance I get. That goes double when Deacon plays the Noles. This year was a great example as the Noles traveled to the Dash to take on the beloved Deacs. Howd it go you ask?

Yeah, not good.

The Deacs would end up coming from behind with a FG with under 5 to play and that was the death nail for FSU with a 22-20 L. That pushes the Noles to 3-4 overall and next week the Cuse come calling as the Noles look to get back on the winning track. How bad should we feel for Cam Akers? Dude is far and away FSU’s best player and Willllie is doing all he can to make sure he doesn’t go to a bowl game. Cause that is exactly what they are cruising for because there is a win (Alabama St) and a for sure loss (Florida) so that means FSU needs 2 from the following:

  • vs Syracuse
  • vs Miami
  • @ Boston College

All are toss-ups and they get the two tougher opponents (I guess) at home so there is hope in Mudville…but not a ton.