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Opponent Q&A - LSU

Laissez les bon temps, roulet, s’il vous plait.

It’s well known that LSU fans are a little bit... eccentric. There’s probably no better chance to explore the weird underbelly of SEC fandom than when your team is playing the Bayou Bangles. We decided to dig a little deeper to get into the psyche of LSU fans ahead of this Saturday’s game. Don’t worry, we’ll talk football tomorrow.

Thanks to the kind folks over at And the Valley Shook for humoring us.

What does nutria taste like?

I’m assuming just like chicken because every exotic meat seems to just taste like chicken. Legendary LSU pitcher Ben McDonald actually once told a story about eating nutria when he was calling a game a few years back. McDonald has eaten just about any Louisiana animal you can think of.

What exactly is Tiger bait?

Anyone wearing the colors of LSU’s opponent. Depending on how friendly you are visiting an LSU tailgate you will either be called “Tiger Bait” then kindly offered food, or called “Tiger Bait” then thrown into the pot whatever is being cooked.

What specifically made Les Miles the greatest waster of talent in D1 history?

What y’all see as wasting talent, we see as incubating. You think Odell Beckham Jr. would’ve had the strength to snag four years’ worth of Eli Manning overthrows if he didn’t rest up by only catching 3.6 balls per game for three years?

How do you feel about Les Miles putting up more points against Texas while coaching Kansas than you did earlier this season?

Les Miles is an offensive guru, I’ve always said this. Also you can refer to my tweet from soon after the conclusion of Kansas-Texas —

What’s the name of the Voodoo queen that cursed us after the 1999 game? Where can we find her? Don’t worry about why.

I can’t seem to remember her name, but I think you can find her on Bourbon Street. Ask around about Voodoo queens and see who can help you. If anyone asks where you got your shoes, answer them! They’ll help you find her!

Matt Mauck, Matt Flynn, Joe Burrow. Marry, f***, kill.

Now this is a tough one. I’d f*** Joe because dealing with marriage planning is very stressful and I don’t want him to have any distractions on his potential Heisman campaign. When it comes to the Matts, I don’t think I’d want to kill Flynn because there’s still a very good chance he is actually Jason Bourne in deep cover and attempting to kill him will go very poorly for me. Also if Flynn died that would waste one of the greatest contract finesses in NFL history. Sorry Mauck.

Follow-on question -- better booty? Josh or Joe?

Well Joe has already thrown more TDs in the first seven games of 2019 than Booty did in his whole LSU career, but we’re still holding out hope Josh’s nephew GENERAL BOOTY (not made up, Google it) will make his way to Baton Rouge in 2021.

What’s your favorite Auburn win in this series?

Losing in 2010 sucked because that basically decided the SEC West and National Championship, but the loss fueled us to beat Bama so that was neat!

We’ll have more with these guys tomorrow! Football-related, I promise.