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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #2 LSU 23, #9 Auburn 20

Tough loss, frustrating loss... see our thoughts from right after the game.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday felt a lot like the Florida game, except that we didn’t play from behind for the entirety of this one in Baton Rouge. Auburn lost to LSU by a field goal, and had every chance to not only lead for the duration, but possibly pull away. Inaccuracies from Bo Nix and the steady inability to find running room up the middle doomed a great defensive effort by the good Tigers, and now Auburn sits at 6-2 overall. What did we think? Find out below:


Not good enough on offense to win these games. No sign that we will be at any point. Great on defense. Whatever.

Fastest player in the world, 3 catches, 33 yards, 0 touchdowns.

-Son of Crow

This defense is elite, don’t judge them on getting burned late. They played some 95 snaps.

Derrick Brown is in the discussion for best Auburn defensive lineman of all time. He may not have the sack numbers but the way he shuts down interior running is insane.

Throwing that ball before the half was the correct call. Was it the perfect play call? I don’t know, it wasn’t the best ever, but it wasn’t bad. If Seth high points the ball (like he does ALL the time) that’s a drop at worst, PI or catch at best. He had the inside position.

Bo has to be better. If he hits those slants in the 3rd quarter and just gets the defense some rest and field position, Auburn wins. Ultimately, the game came down to him in the 4th, and it was too little too late. He’s a freshman. As frustrating as it is, that’s what you have to expect in August when you decide to start a true freshman. You’ve got to let him grow, and no, you can’t just yank him for Joey.

Should Joey have played more? Yeah, probably. But guys, let me break it to you — he’s not a better passer than Bo. You pick a young quarterback, YOU HAVE TO LET HIM DEVELOP.

The hopes for winning the SEC are pretty much dead. Let’s go mess up somebody who still has dreams. The season’s not a loss.

-Ryan Sterritt

Incredible job by Kevin Steele. For most of the night, AU only had 4 guys in the box and 3 DBs on the field. Jamien Sherwood basically was a hybrid S/LB and was outstanding. AU’s defense faced something like 90 plays and gave up only 23 points. They never quit battling and gave AU a chance at the end that seemed impossible to comprehend.

Offensively, things are a mess. Gus’ offense is predicated on running the football yet his senior laden OL can’t move anyone with a pulse. As a result, he asks Bo Nix to sling it but Bo Nix isn’t ready to sling it. I don’t think benching Bo fixes the problem, but I would give Joey a series or two just to see if it injects some energy. But the root ill of this offense is they failed at recruiting elite OL the last 2-3 classes and don’t have the sheme to run an RPO spread attack.

Still think this team beats UGA and you never know with the Iron Bowl in Jordan-Hare. But, it’s hard not to be frustrated watching another defensive masterpiece wasted.

-AU Nerd

Auburn’s defense deserved better. As we’ve come to know over the last few years, they play their tail off and have nothing to show for it. Holding that offense to 23 is mighty impressive and if Auburn’s offense would have just mustered a bit more, OR finished drives like the first one of the second half, we’re having a different discussion right now. I’m amazed at how our offense disappears in these types of games. And only 3 touches for Anthony Schwartz? I don’t get it. You aren’t gonna win games with 15 penalties either.

Whether you like it or not, Gus is gonna ride or die with Bo. I’d like to see Joey get a few more snaps too, but it’s not going to happen. Gus even said postgame they never considered going to Joey.

The Auburn offense will probably hang 45-50 on Ole Miss so we can sit here and wonder where that was in Baton Rouge. I think a 3-1 November is realistic and mabe LSU can go beat Alabama... maybe.

On a positive note: at least we don’t have to wait a month for Auburn Basketball — just 9 more days!

-Will McLaughlin

The offense couldn’t have played much worse and we lost by 3 on the road to the #2 team in the country. Kevin Steele pulled a 3-1-7 defense out of nowhere and gave the country the blueprint to beat LSU... if you have Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson.

The bad news is LSU made a ton of mistakes and failed multiple 4th and shorts. We can’t count on those stops against UGA and Alabama.

Watch this jackass LSU team lose to Bama. I’ll go ahead and make my pick. Bama 42-27.

-James Jones

I’ve deleted this and rewritten it now three times because while I’m frustrated, I’d rather not react out of emotion. What I’ll say is that we’re stuck. Stuck because of personnel that isn’t good enough to whip equal or better competition across the line of scrimmage. Stuck because the best option Auburn football has at quarterback is a true freshman. Stuck depending on a select few skill position players to bail us out instead of having everyone in a position to contribute. Everyone is frustrated with Bo Nix right now, but I’m telling you, our lack of ability to consistently run the football is the problem with the team. Is Bo Nix ready to beat LSU in Death Valley or Florida in the Swamp? No. No he’s not. But we aren’t good enough up front to bail him out. Is this group going to be good enough at home to ruin Georgia and/or Alabama’s season? That remains to be seen. It’s not what we sign up for at Auburn, but it is where we are today. Stay with this team. Their best game is still in front of them.

-Josh Black

Auburn didn’t win. They could have! There were a lot of chances. Auburn just couldn’t run the ball the way they needed to win. Auburn has two losses to teams that are a combined 15-1. Two losses on the dadgum road, in two of the toughest places to win. Luckily, Auburn doesn’t have another road game this season. Four more contests, all at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

-Josh Dub


Man, it really sucks to know that with the smallest improvement from a pretty terrible game, Auburn wins this one. If Bo Nix hits just a couple of those rough misses, it snowballs. The middle opens up for the run, or the defense gets some rest, or the offense gets momentum, or he gets confidence and hits more. I know the main issue with the team is the lack of true ability to run the football reliably, but we didn’t need to yesterday. This loss hangs squarely on the shoulders of Bo Nix, as tough as that is to say. There were plenty of opportunities to move the ball through the air, and he just couldn’t give the receivers a chance. It wasn’t even that we had drops, or good defense by LSU. More often than not, the ball was completely uncatchable. That’s how close we are, though. If Bo goes 50% through the air, Auburn might have run away with the game. Instead, it’s a 23-20 loss.

There isn’t any more that can be said of the defense except that they may actually shut out Georgia the way the Bulldog offense is going right now, and we’ll win a 6-0 ballgame at home (how hilarious would that be??), and we’ll have a chance to really slow Bama down too. The difference between what the Auburn offense has been on the Plains versus everywhere else is impressive. In the end, Auburn’s lost to two teams with a combined one loss, and the overall record of our opponents is something like 40-24. If we finish 9-3, this is a successful season. Split Amen Corner, and get a chance for 10 wins in the bowl game. Don’t give up on this team, because they’re not going to give up on themselves.

-Jack Condon