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BOOM! Roasted!! - Week 9

Every once in a while, there is an Upset Saturday. That magical Saturday where teams that have no business beating teams in the top 25, the top 10, the top 5, get the job done. Interestingly enough, there are also upsets below the surface on an Upset Saturday. Smaller upsets that might get missed by the untrained eye. Worry not dear traveler! We have scowered the landscape and found only the funniest finals here in the Roasted!


So, we all know what happened in March this past year. Auburn got jobbed and I will go to my grave knowing that Auburn has won a Basketball National Title. ‘Oh, but Drew, they still would have had to beat Texas Tech!’ Sure…idiot…they would have and they would have. How do I know? Because we had Bryce Brown shootin’ that thing from way down town. And…they don’t know how to Kick 6.

WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS WAS HE THINKING?!?! I mean I’ve heard of ghost runners in baseball but it’s a bold move to break it out in a D1 (FBS for you sheeple) Football game.

Yup, he lateralled the ball backwards to no one in particular and Kansas was able to recover and, with the change of possession which stops the clock with a whole second left on the clock, was able to retry a Field Goal to win the game. Which did happen. Which could be the most Les Miles thing Les Miles has ever done to win a football game. Congrats to the Jayhawks, just a week after they should have beaten Texas in a game no one watched because does anyone actually have the Longhorn Network? Really? Anyone?

The thing you don’t get to see on the video but did get to see if you are a junkie trying to get the taste of Saturday afternoon out of my mouth, is the Kansas fans rushing the field. Sure, its Kansas and you just broke a conference losing streak that would make you sad if it was your team, but you just downed a baaaaaaaaaaaad Texas Tech team….can’t we just go watch a video of Bill Self making that odd face he makes when he laughs. I mean think about it, take a still shot of his face and out of context you don’t know if he is happy or sad.

SEE WHAT I MEAN?! I can’t tell if he is sad or happy. All I know is that he is in pain.


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the Big XII as a whole Saturday.

First, there was the 5th ranked Oklahoma Sooners traveling to Manhattan to take on Kansas State. Let’s see how that was going.

Ouch. So it got closer and OU had a shot to get the onside kick, but fell 48-41 as the OU defense dressed up like the 2018 OU defense for Halloween.

Underdogs now 2-0 in the conference.

Now lets go to Fort Worth where Texas looked to keep on chugging after a close call against Kansas last week and TCU looked to knock off one of their fanbases biggest rivals. Well the Frogs channeled their favorite World League team to try and get the W.


As for the game itself, it was all TCU as they claimed a 37-27 win to upset the Horns, but more importantly, the game also called in to question the limitations of the 5 second rule.

Yeah, I don’t know bro. I am normally all for the 5 second rule, but I’ve seen what happens on sidelines…I’m not putting anything that falls on that turf in my mouth.

Underdogs now 3-0 on the day.

To wrap it up, Oklahoma State downed #23 Iowa State 34-27. I would love to show you what happened, but there is no video of what happened because…well, its Ames, Iowa…no one speaks of things that happen there.

So, for those keeping score at home, all the underdogs in the Big 12 get the win. The most interesting thing is that there is still an undefeated team in the conference. The Baylor Bears were off this week and find themselves in the driver seat as we get ready to enter November…WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!


Yeah, me either. It’s been a rough two weeks for the northern most Tigers in the SEC. Last week it was Vandy punching Mizzou in the nose. This week, it was Kentucky.

Notice all the Missouri highlights? No? Cause there weren’t any. Kentucky rolled 29-7 over the Tigers, firmly leaving them in the rear view with Florida and Georgia left on their schedule. Guess we don’t really need to worry about that NCAA appeal anymore…woof.