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Staff Picks - CFB Week 6


Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This ain’t the main course here, because we’ll have picks for the Auburn-Florida game coming up around lunchtime, and that’s the biggest game of the day!

Instead, we make you start your morning by reading us picking B1G games.

Iowa @ Michigan (-4.5) (O/U 46)

So wait....Michigan is actually favored?! HOW?! Sure they are at home but....REALLY?! Has anyone watched this team? Well, this makes it a complete no brainer for me. Hawkeyes outright and the under. Iowa 17-14 . Hawkeyes 17-14. - Drew Mac

Is Michigan actually bad? Is Iowa actually good? This line has plummeted this week, and I don’t like when a lot of money goes one direction. Still I like Iowa to keep this close. Michigan wins but misses the cover on the hook. Michigan 24, Iowa 20 (Michigan wins, Iowa covers, UNDER) - James Jones

Michigan is favored? I don’t think Michigan is very good. Prove me wrong, Harbaugh. Iowa 28, Michigan 14 - Josh Dub

SP+, FPI & Sagarin all slightly favor Michigan in this one. A lot of folks have left the Wolverines for dead after that thrashing they took from Wisconsin. Iowa is doing Iowa things. Winning but not necessarily looking super dominant in the process. I don’t have a great feel for this game either way but I do think Michigan pulls it out in spite of their coaching staff because they have the better athletes on the field. In an ugly affair... Michigan 21 Iowa 17 - AU Nerd

My first reaction says take Iowa outright here, but that be an overreaction to Michigan’s loss to Wisconsin. Most analytical rankings give Michigan a one or two point edge, and add a 2 point adjustment for home field and 4.5 points sounds more reasonable. I’m going to be the conservative guy here and say surely the Michigan offense with Shea Patterson won’t continue to be awful. Michigan leans on their productive special teams and wins 24-20. - Ryan Sterritt

gross. Jack is trying to make us mad and it is working. Michigan shouldn’t be favored in this game. It is probably going to be the closest matchup of the week, or at least on this pick-em, but a close game isn’t the same as a good game. If football was pizza, this is a microwaved totino’s. You should feel greasy and bad for watching it. Iowa 21, Mich 19 - Son of Crow

It’s hard to trust Michigan after the beatdown in Madison but this game is in Ann Arbor. Iowa though continues to fly under the radar as they tend to do. It’s a tossup for me but I’ll go with Iowa TO COVER but Michigan to win. Michigan 26 Iowa 23 - Will McLaughlin

Moving on. Logans 26, Hawkeyes 22 - AU Chief

This is such a B1G game that there isn’t enough room here for my takes…other than Michigan is once again an underachiever. Iowa 17 Michigan 16 - Josh Black

Back in like 1985 I think Iowa beat Michigan on a last second field goal in a #1 vs #2 matchup.

This game won’t be that. Iowa gums Michigan to death like they’re gnawing on an old ear of corn. Hawkeyes 19-16 - Jack Condon

Michigan State @ Ohio State (-20) (O/U 48)

The talking heads love tOSU and they have every right to after crushing the teams that are in front of them. Meanwhile, Michigan State is still trying to figure things out, but has a nice 4-1 record that includes a head scratching loss to Arizona State a few weeks back. Hate to say this, cause I like MSU, but Ohio State wins this in a rout. Gimme Ohio State to cover and the over. Buckeyes 38-13. - Drew Mac

The Spartans won a game 40-31 last week. Is their offense actually good? Probably not. Is their defense actually bad? It could be. Does that create a problem against an absolute buzzsaw in Columbus? In the words of the poet Dorrough, “yeah buddy”. Ohio State 41, Michigan State 15 (OSU covers, OVER) - James Jones

Ohio State is probably the best team in the country right now. They haven’t played elite opposition yet, but Fields is rolling up there. Michigan State is good, with a few decent wins already, but this game margin will completely be dictated by when Ohio State takes the foot off the gas. Michigan State 14, Ohio State 42 - Josh Dub

Sparty always does a good job mucking this game up. This is by far the best defense Ohio State has seen to date & it wouldn’t surprise me if they struggle some early. But Michigan State’s offense is very bad per usual. My guess is this game looks like an upset alert at half before Buckeyes turn it into a route in 2nd half. Ohio State 35, Michigan State 13 - AU Nerd

Most years I would say this is when Michigan State drags the Buckeyes down to their level and fights them in the mud, but not this Ohio State team. Justin Fields is electric, and I also just don’t think Sparty is very good, even for their standards. 41-14 Ohio State. - Ryan Sterritt

Ohio State might be the most complete football team in America and I love that it’s Justin Fields who is doing it. Could you imagine thinking Jake Fromm State Farm is better than THAT GUY?! Justin Fields is a revelation and might be the heisman winner. YOU GUYS if Jalen and Justin are 1,2 in the heisman voting after transferring from UGA and Bama I will be Antonio Banderas leaning back after looking at a computer screen dot gif. - Son of Crow

ESPN loves them some Buckeyes. This is the first week we’ll see them actually face a decent team and we know the history of this series. Ohio State’s offense though is on another level and after seeing how Sparty lost to Arizona State, I’m just not seeing this turning into a weird game but wouldn’t mind to see Sparty keep it close. Ohio State 48 Michigan State 21 - Will McLaughlin

Suckeyes 33, Spartans 16 - AU Chief

Man that Georgia transfer may be bad at fake punts but he sure looks like the best Ohio State quarterback in at least a generation. Good thing Georgia knows how to fully maximize the talents of Jake Fromm by having such versatility as handing the ball off, tossing the ball off, and throwing dinks and dunks all over the field. Just a real group of geniuses in Athens who definitely know how to set folks up for success when they are going to be on a huge stage on say… November 16th. Ohio State 52, Michigan State 17 - Josh Black

Remember when Michigan State made the Playoff and promptly got boned by Alabama? Remember when they scored 3 points against Oregon in the Red Box Bowl (I think?) last season? Grow up, Mark Dantonio. You can’t B1G your way out of this one. Here’s your penance. Buckeyes 42-13 - Jack Condon

Cal @ Oregon (-17.5) (O/U 47)

Cal has been a fun team to follow this year. First they get a nice road win over a top 15 Washington team, then they go across the country and beat Ole Miss in one of the better games so far this season, only to tun around last weekend and have that Arizona State team get the better of them on their home field. WHATSUPWITHTHAT?! On the other side, Oregon has been quietly murdering folks since giving up 21 points in the last 20 minutes of the Auburn game. Sure, they haven’t played much of anyone with a heartbeat (yes, I will include Stanford in that sentence) but only giving up a total of 15 points since Seth Williams caught that pass is impressive no matter who you are. I think they continue that this weekend at home. Oregon Covers and take that over. Ducks 38 - 14. - Drew Mac

Cal finally played a defense that was on their level last week. Not only did they lose, but they lost their quarterback. Now they have to play an even better defense. I think Oregon displays why they’re the PAC-12 North favorite in this one. Oregon 31, Cal 6 (Oregon covers, UNDER) - James Jones

Once again, Auburn’s early season victory over a PAC-12 contender is looking better and better. This time, Auburn is backing up that early season win with results. Oregon is probably the best team west of Oklahoma. Their defense looks better each week (4th in SP+!!). I really need them to keep winning, so I will absolutely let it influence my picks. Oregon 35, Cal 9 - Josh Dub

An undefeated Cal with a healthy QB could have made this game VERY interesting. The Ducks have been dominant defensively since losing to Auburn & are coming off a bye week. The Golden Bears got Herm’d last weekend & are down Garbers. I expect Cal’s defense stifles an inconsistent Oregon offense but can’t do anything against what’s turning out to be one of the best defenses in the country in Oregon’s. Kinda like their win over Stanford, it won’t be pretty but it will be effective. Oregon 27, Cal 9 - AU Nerd

I, for one, would love to see Oregon continue to bash through their schedule with no more losses. Funnily enough, the vaunted offense we were all so scared of now sits #46 in SP+, while the defense that Bo Nix stunted on at the end of the game is #4 in the country. Cal, meanwhile is even more extreme. Led by tackling machine Evan Weaver (he’s got 77 through five games!), Cal has the #25 defense and #98 offense. I think Herbert is going to have a good game in this one, and Oregon wins 34-14. Luckily this is a 3:00 local kickoff, we should avoid any Pac12 after dark hijinks. - Ryan Sterritt

Cal has a ridiculous defense. Oregon is really good. This game might be borderline fun to watch. I think the Oregon win will look better and better each week. I don’t there is any team in the PAC12 that can stand in their way right now. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if they made the playoff. Oregon 32, Cal 14 - Son of Crow

The more Oregon wins, the better Auburn looks. Ducks Fly Together! Oregon 38 Cal 17 - Will McLaughlin

So I think everyone is off the Cal hype train after last week right? This week even the stragglers will jump off. Oregon, who are pretty good on both sides of the ball is gonna run away with this one. Ducks 31, Bears 13 - AU Chief

It’s the Pac-12, it doesn’t matter, and Oregon is probably the better team despite not beating anyone worth a flip on their schedule yet. Oregon 38, Cal 20 - Josh Black

All in on the Oregon train. Give me 12-1, Duckies. They have Washington coming up soon, so that’ll probably be the only game that really tests them the rest of the way. Cal might make it fun for a bit, though. Ducks 31-14 - Jack Condon

Georgia (-25) @ Tennessee (O/U 52.5)

This is just mean. Why on earth do you make me say positive things about that team. Tennessee is bad. Not Kentucky bad, or perhaps Vandy bad, but bad. And now a good team coming off an off week strolls in to town. This won’t be fun...and Vol fans will not enjoy this.

The team not in Orange 48-10 (they cover and the over) - Drew Mac

25 is a big number on the road, but I just don’t see Tennessee doing anything to slow down UGA. Dwags minus whatever pick here. Georgia 42, Tennessee 14 (Georgia covers, OVER) - James Jones

Tennessee looks like a program that is drowning. They have yet to put together a win over an FBS opponent and have had their program in the news for all the wrong reasons this week. If Georgia wanted to, they could come out and beat them 100-0. However, I believe this is a game that Georgia just wants to get through. Let the clock hit 0’s as quick as possible. The result will never be in doubt here – Georgia will be in total control – but the final score will not reflect the dominance. Georgia 31, Tennessee 17 - Josh Dub

The hilarity if UGA lost this game could end up being more than I could bear. Auburn lost inexplicably to the Vols last year thanks to turnovers & some wild 3rd down magic by UT. Could ya’ll repeat that this week Tennessee please? No?

Well screw you guys anyway. Dawgs do what they do which means ignore all the elite WR talent & run it 50+ times but it works out fine against a bad Tennessee team. UGA 41 UT 16 - AU Nerd

H8 FEEDS THE DAWG. 45-17. NEXT. - Ryan Sterritt

Georgia 48, Tennessee 2 - Son of Crow

Oh man..... it will be an interesting next few weeks in Knoxville as I will not be shocked to see Phillip Fulmer take over very soon. Just a feeling I’ve had for awhile. I don’t expect things to get any prettier this weekend with Georgia in town. Dawgs will roll. Georgia 42 Tennessee 14 - Will McLaughlin

Kirby worked with Jeremy Pruitt for several years. There is no way he doesn’t want to embarrass him, and boy oh boy is he gonna do it. Dwags 55, Vols 10 - AU Chief

I was in Neyland Stadium two years ago when Georgia came to town. Tennessee checkerboarded the stadium. Peyton Manning was there and threw a touchdown pass to Marcus Nash at halftime. Didn’t matter. A freshman Jake Fromm led the Dawgs to a 41-0 shutout. Phil Fulmer’s gonna be dropping Nick Saban “I guess I have to say it, I’m not gonna be the Tennessee coach” quotes like crazy after this one. Kirby makes Jeremy eat his asparagus, without liquid cheese. Let’s roll it back. Georgia 41-0 - Jack Condon