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BOOM! Roasted!! - Tourist Edition

Once or so a year I like to become one of you guys. For years and years, I would go to games or be in a studio focused on Auburn exclusively. However, the past couple of years, I have watched everything around the country and caught the Tigers until the game got out of hand and then seeing what else is going on. This weekend was one of the weekends of the football season that I go among the masses and become a fan again, watching just one football game live and calling it a day (we all have to have a vacation, right?). So, this week’s roasted will be short and I will ask that you guys fill in what you saw and help me know what I missed! So let’s get to it! ROASTED! FLORIDA VACAY EDITION!


So a few weeks back we had the “LETSSCOREALLTHEPOINTSLOL” game between UCLA and Wazzou. Well this week the Pac-12 went back to its roots and played 2 games where it took all 4 teams to just get to 60 points! You’re so weird Pac-12!

First it was Oregon, who had quietly not allowed a TD since Seth Williams scored the TD to finish the game in Dallas. Well, that didn’t last long as the Bear punched in the first score just 8 minutes in to take a 7-0 lead and held that through the half. Oregon would open with a field goal and Fox was able to break down the game the only way they can.

Somehow, that ringing endorsement from Fox didn’t help ease the worry from one Duck fan in particular.

In the end, the Ducks hung up another 14 points and rode off in to the sunset.

The other matchup on the after dark slate pitted UW taking on the Trees of Stanford. Fun Fact, students are allowed to create their own tree to wear for the year. So this is the tree for at least the 2019 season (I guess at least, who knows, they are Stanford…)

So back to the game, Jake has our update…

A little context, that tweet from Washington was sent out in the first quarter and the tweet from Jake was sent in the 4th quarter. UW was only able to muster 2 FGs after that while being held to just 89 yards on the ground, while the Cardinal racked up 489 total yards and hung a 23 on the board to get the win. It’s stunning because Stanford has looked completely disinterested in playing football this season till this game while UW HAAAD looked competent and was going to be the team to challenge the Ducks but that….that just isn’t going to happen this year.

You should be, because you have a Georgia transfer QB! Those win you ball games normally….and you lost to a team with this as a mascot

Shame, UW….shame.

Alright, it’s your turn! What did I miss this weekend…and keep on roasting!