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3 Days til Tip-Off - Bryce Brown

Coming down to the wire for today, but here’s a late night countdown article for you to enjoy!

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So I didn’t think I would get around to putting out a basketball countdown article today but obviously, I changed my mind and here we are. The season opener is just 3 days away, in fact we’re less than 72 hours away at this point. Speaking of season openers, we’re gonna look back at the season opener from the 2017-2018 season. Bryce Brown, who was known primarily as a 3-point shooter in this first 2 years at Auburn, had a then career high 31 points in the opener, and he was making shots both inside and outside the 3-point line that night. To me, this was a good sign in the progression of Bryce’s career and this was a sign of the fruits of his labor and hard work paying off.

Total Points: 31

Date: November 10, 2017

Opponent: Norfolk State

Final Score: Auburn 102 Norfolk State 74

Bryce was 12-16 from the field, 4-8 from the 3-point line and made all 3 free throws. Yes, 8 of Bryce’s 12 field goals that night were 2-point shots.

Bryce’s scoring started 1:53 into the game with a 3-pointer, making it 10-2 Auburn early. A few moments later, Bryce made his 2nd shot, another 3-pointer. Bryce went inside for his next basket, a layup with 15:34 left to go up 15-7. Bryce scored again on another layup with 13:06 left to put Auburn up 10. Bryce’s 3rd 3 with 11:55 to go gave Auburn a 24-13 lead as Brown got off to a great start to the game and season. Another layup and his 4th 3-pointer of the game would soon follow as Auburn led 29-15 midway through the 1st half. Bryce hit his first 2 free throws of the year with 7:24 left. Bryce converted a 3-point play with 1:33 left to finish the half with 23 points. The Tigers led 49-32 at halftime.

In the 2nd half, Bryce scored on another layup a minute into the half. Bryce wouldn’t score again until midway through the half as Auburn broke the game wide open early in the half. Bryce’s layup would put Auburn up 82-46. With 4:51 to go, Bryce would hit his new career high in points as he made another layup and would go over 30 for the first time in his career with a jumper with 3:14 to go which made it 101-60. The walk-ons would get in shortly there after but Bryce made it known that night he had developed his overall game and had the ability to score in more areas than just shooting the 3-pointer.

Oh by the way, the next day, Auburn football would beat #1 Georgia 40-17 so it was a really good weekend on the Plains.

Tomorrow at #2, we’ll look at a 32 point against an arch-rival.