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Staff Picks - #15 Auburn vs Samford

Get ‘em hot here, folks!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 16 Georgia at Auburn Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Auburn has one final non-SEC test coming up here in a little more than 12 hours, and while you may think this one is going to be easy, it could be a messy affair.

Let’s make a list of things we don’t want to see happen:

  1. Wet weather for what could otherwise be a nice day game.
  2. Wet weather for what should be an easy win, slopping this game up and potentially making it closer than it would otherwise be.
  3. Wet weather creating a hazardous playing situation for both sides, but particularly for an Auburn team with no backup quarterback and a need to keep some defensive studs off the field as much as possible when they’re not needed.

That said, what do we think is going to happen? Auburn’s a seven touchdown favorite. Can we cover? It’s gonna be tough.

STAFF PICKS - #15 AUBURN (-48.5) vs SAMFORD (O/U 64.5)

Take care of business early. Stay healthy. Get young guys some playing time. That’s all that matters this week for Auburn.

Auburn 59 Samford 7

-Will McLaughlin

God bless the souls that will be at this one. You are stronger people than myself and deserve to be applauded. That said, this hopefully will be a good way for the offense to find itself after 3 games of...I’ll be kind and say lackluster output...and the defense will be the defense. No one get injured and let’s just beat uat.

Auburn 38-6

-Drew Mac

Time for Cord to get some action. Maybe even a pass or two? Nah, you’re right that’s asking too much. But I am excited to see some young studs show out on defense.

AU 52 Samford 13

-AU Nerd

Just stay healthy. Score early and often. Maybe request a running clock after halftime.

Auburn 49, Samford 10

-Josh Dub

Prediction: Rain. And then more rain. Run the ball, pull starters when up 21, and pray against injuries.

Auburn 38 Samford 3 (the rain is gonna keep us from covering or hitting an over so don’t freak out)

-Josh Black

Prediction: This game is not going to be worth watching in person or on TV. I would rather have a bye tbh. The rain might make this thing closer than it should be, but hopefully it is close because Auburn pulls Bo and the gang at halftime.

Auburn 41 Sam 17

-Son of Crow

With the weather I don’t think this game turns into the usual 50-7 FCS rout. Not that Auburn won’t win handily, just that I think it will be a “keep the ball on the ground” kind of day. Cord Sandberg will probably play earlier than expected. Anybody with any sort of injury may not play at all.

35-3 Auburn

-Ryan Sterritt

Rain in the forecast, game next week against your biggest rival, struggling offense….Why exactly is this line 48.5? I think Auburn gets in, runs Boobee and DJ a ton, throws some deep balls or double moves to see if a DB slips on the wet surface, and goes home with a comfortable victory.

Auburn 45, Samford 10 (Auburn wins, Samford covers, under)

-James Jones

I’ll echo what everyone above says — the rain will make this gross. It’s going to feel a lot like a spring game. It’s going to seem as if the crowd goes in waves, with the poor showing against Ole Miss, the loud bunch against Georgia, the likely sparse gathering tomorrow, and the den of iniquity we’d better show next week. Don’t blame anyone who leaves for tomorrow’s game, though. The weather should be more than enough excuse, and the game won’t be anything to write home about.

Auburn will likely be able to run the ball at will, and hopefully Bo isn’t throwing another 50 passes tomorrow against the Bulldogs. If he is, then something has gone terribly wrong. I can’t imagine that Samford scores in double digits until they’re going against walk-ons that they didn’t even offer. The Tigers make an early game of this, and we get a running clock in the second half because of the margin and the weather. I’m calling the wildest shot — this game finishes in less than three hours of real time.

Auburn 49, Samford 7

-Jack Condon