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Snap Judgments: #15 Auburn 52, Samford 0

There’s honestly not a lot to say about putting a bow on this one.

Samford v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Auburn took care of business against Samford yesterday by the shutout score of 52-0. They allowed 114 yards, the fewest since the season opener against Georgia Southern two seasons ago. For all intents and purposes, it was a good win, and we’re immediately turning our attention to the game that matters most.

SNAP JUDGMENTS: #15 Auburn 52, Samford 0

Officially #BamaHateWeek

War Damn Eagle!!!!!

-Will McLaughlin

Auburn got the shutout and everyone stayed healthy. On to the Iron Bowl.

-Josh Dub

‘Twas exactly what we needed. The weather made the first half an absolute slog, so there’s not much you can take from it other than the score. I like that Gus let the reserves run the offense. As for the defense, the only minus is that Sherwood has to miss the first half of the Iron Bowl.

-James Jones

War Damn Cord. Beat Bama

-AU Nerd

Buck Fama

-AU Chief

Defense got a shutout, which I know means a lot to this group. Worst weather for a home game in a while and still put up half a hundred. Hopefully this is a confidence builder heading into next week

-Son of Crow

Good win, it’s always fun to see a shutout, especially when the backup defensive front made some really huge plays with Samford driving into Auburn territory late. You can bet it matters to everyone to keep that zero on the board. Samford couldn’t/didn’t want to handle Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson, and those guys spent the limited time that they were in tossing aside linemen and ballcarriers, as you’d expect. Auburn dished out its fair share of rough hits in this game, so the Samford olympic sports better appreciate what the football team did to finance most of their action this coming season.

On offense, it was predictably bland, but when Auburn needed to, they lined up and ran the ball down the Bulldogs’ throats. The drives after turnovers with Boobee, Shivers, and D.J. all getting touchdowns were simply “hey, you’re bigger than them, run them over” type of drives and probably didn’t involve too much strategy. I loved seeing Cord get into the game, and you could tell he was super amped to do so as well, because his first play was a 50-yard run before it got called back for holding. His two touchdown passes were fantastic, and each time he ran he sought out contact. That’s a guy who just wanted to play and be a part of the team, and it’s really special to see.

This was the type of game that’s always kind of fun, because there’s no stress and it’s more of a sleepy feel. Perfect to take the kid to his first game. I had a buddy who brought his son to his first Auburn game today, and no amount of rain or the lack of a crowd, or sloppy play can take that away, and it’s what this should all be about in the end.

I have no idea if this team will beat Bama next Saturday, but they have the ability to do so. Let’s ruin those guys on the 30th, y’all.

-Jack Condon

Snap Judgment: Missed the whole game, caught the highlights. Glad everyone stayed healthy and that we got the shutout.

I watched a man who has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the spiritual growth and development of the young men who wear the blue jerseys and the coaches that have represented our program bury his oldest son today. Brother Chette has been a front-line missionary, loving on kids that come from literally every background you can imagine…and then some you cannot. He is not paid by Auburn University, Auburn Athletics, or Tigers Unlimited. His ability to be at Auburn doing what he’s doing is completely due to donations. During this time, he needs our love and support. And frankly, we need to come together after a divisive last few weeks. We’re at our best when we get on the same page. I would ask you to consider coming together with me in support of Brother Chette during this time. If you can give, please give. If you pray, please pray. All of you, in your own way, are capable of love. So please love. War Eagle.

-Josh Black