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For Brother Chette

If you can help, please help.


As many of you already know, Chette Williams and his family are grieving the tragic loss of Chette’s son, Chette Jr.

As the Auburn Football team chaplain, Chette serves the players, coaches and support staff both tirelessly and selflessly and has thus become a brother and/or father figure to so many. His door is always open and his generosity is endless.Former Auburn Football players are coming together in this fundraising campaign to help reciprocate some of that generosity by assisting with funeral costs and the furthering of Chette’s powerful ministry moving forward.The Auburn Family is strong and proud, and Chette needs his Auburn Family now more than ever. Please consider donating and sharing.

Support for Brother Chette Williams and his family

**All proceeds go directly to Chette and his family

**While immediate financial assistance is needed for funeral cost and other associated expenses, a tax deductible donation can be made directly to Chette’s ministry by mailing a check to:

Chette Williams Ministries

PO Box 3525

Auburn, AL 36831