Why did we only score 20? Re-watched offense. Some notes.

I'm no AU Nerd or the other talented writers here. But it was bothering me a bit how we only scored 20 points yesterday and I wanted to re-watch at least the offense so I was clearer on things that happened. Here are my notes/thoughts I put together after re-watching the offense's part of the game.


1st drive:
Kind of meh, play calls were ok though. Key play was Hastings going out of bounds and then missing/dropping the pass. Anders then missed from medium range (42).

2nd drive:
Some nice downfield passing from Nix. Key play again was a deep ball that a receiver (in this case JayJay) dropped around the 10. Missed field goal again this one from long range (49), maybe we should have punted this time?

3rd drive:
AU goes possibly true HUNH for the first time in a long while it feels like. 4 wr set with Spencer Nigh lined as a WR along with Stove, Cannella and Seth with DJ at RB. Promising drive dies inside the OM 40 when a fumble on an exchange between the TF QB and RB.

4th drive:
DJ sits the first part of this one out with senior Kam Martin in (previous fumble on DJ?). Credit to Ole Miss as they sniffs out the screen on 3rd and 4, punt.

5th drive:
Shivers' turn at RB but DJ and Kam get some touches as well. Nice methodical drive with a couple sequences of nice HUNH on the drive. Key play/sequence going away from the HUNH to wildcat and Joiner fumbling on the 1 (helmet on ball). Short FG good.

Side note #1: I feel like if we stay HUNH inside the 10 we possibly score. Wildcat was actually pretty good call but that fumble happens. Don't hate the play call that goes incomplete on the last play but don't like it either.

6th drive:
Shivers again and Joiner oddly enough. Big time wheel route and run after by Joiner. Prince Tega with the TD/Suplex of DJ for the score. 3 play drive. This offense can stall a lot but it is explosive.

7th drive:
AU comes out aggressive throwing. Key play, Nix is a little behind and low Seth on a crossing route and Seth drops what would have been a 1st down catch at the least. 3 and out.

Side note #2: special teams were really disappointing this game after being solid after the first few games.

Halftime - we should probably be up by about 17 - 0 or 24 - 7 at this point. Some small mistakes in execution and mental errors keep things close.

8th drive:
Nice kickoff return. Establish the run drive. Key play was the pass play with a nice pitch and catch from Nix to Seth for a 1st on 3rd down. TD on a nice keeper by Nix.

9th drive:
Ugh, decent drive but a missed chance for a knockout. Matthew Hill sighting. Nix a bit off this drive as he misses Cannella for a long gainer and is a little behind Seth on another throw. FG.

10th drive:
Decent but weird drive. Very low energy feeling drive yet it got to the Ole Miss 37 before the sack. Key play Ole Miss brings more than AU can block on a blitz and Nix is sacked. Kudos to Ole Miss, they looked ready to break and came up with a big stop. Still, the punt pins Ole Miss inside 10. No way our defense allows a 90+ yard drive right?

Sidenote #3: I know I know please stop yelling. I'm aware the defense of all units deserves flack the least for anything this year after what they've done and it's ridiculous to expect this defense to get a stop every possession but man even though the offense didn't score they put the defense in a really good spot after giving them plenty of rest and that score still happened. /sigh

11th drive:
Very clutch possession that just comes short of a knockout. No real almost missed game-breaker plays here just a standard get as many first downs and kill clock as much we can drive. I like the FG attempt here, the defense just gave up a 90+ yard drive and a FG ends this. Plus if you punt it and it goes in the end zone you only gain 11 yards for the defense. But we miss the FG so hindsight maybe pooch punt it?

Overall Thoughts/Takes:

- After the first 3 drives Auburn should have at least been up 9-0 if not more. We were not because we had some uncharacteristic drops/miscues from 2 upperclassmen who that shouldn't happen from (Hastings/JayJay) and a fumbled exchange between our true freshmen QB and RB (Nix/DJ).

- That 3rd drive was looking so lovely with the true HUNH we were running. No subs just spread em out with 4 wr and a rb and go fast. I really hope they work on that and effectively get it going over these last few games.

- At halftime we should have at least been up by 13-0 with Ole Miss not getting a chance to score. Small misses and miscues just killed at least better FG attempts and TDs on 5/7 of our drives.

- Nix and Seth were just not quite in synch today and it hurt us. I counted at least 3 possessions where it either would have been a big play or a 1st down where they were close to connecting but were just off with the pass not quite being in a good spot and the ball hitting one or both of Seth's hands but Seth not managing to bring it in. In fairness to Nix at least one of those times I think Seth pulled up a little bit and the other Seth at least got his hands. Further, in fairness to Seth he also had some key conversions on other drives.

- I think a combination of the LSU game, the long road trip and the major parts of the crowd dispersing early really affected this team. Each phase offense/defense/special teams each had at least one bad moment or series of moments and it felt like the team at least on offense lost some energy as the game went on.

- Bo is A LOT better at home than away. While a few passes were still slightly off at times he was mostly on target and even some of the "off" throws were catch-able. Granted it's Ole MIss' pass defense but still.

- Don't let his final stat line fool you DJ had a really nice game. He was running into the teeth of the Ole Miss defense the last drive for some minimal gains when they knew we'd be running it.

- Play calling, adjustments and game plan were all pretty good from the offensive coaching staff and Gus.

- Nice to see Hastings back playing after being hurt the last couple of games but he may have been a little rusty early.

- Nice to see Eli Stove getting some touches.

- I feel like we overall got better on offense this game and found some stuff we can use going forward. Even with the mistakes there were a variety of things we tried the coaches should be able to go back to and build on in this off week in prep for this amen corner.

- We haven't played a "good" team at home yet so I honestly don't know what to expect from this team when it happens.

- the closest thing we've had to a complete game is the MSU game I feel like, this team has not hit it's ceiling yet or played to it's fullest potential yet. They'd best get there or close to it soon.

- We had all the ingredients for a let down game before we even played this game (Ole Miss bye week, we just played LSU, some starters held out) and we were 1 play away at a good many points in the game of winning by double digits. Yes this wasn't an ideal played game but we held on and got the win.

- Going back to having played LSU the week before, you remember all those bama-MSU games where Bama would struggle some the week after playing LSU? I feel like this was a similar thing. #LSUHangover?

- Not a pretty win with a lot of stuff in the film room to clean up, but a win that was needed and would have been back-breaking to lose. Enjoy the W and let's move on to UGA.

More takes and thoughts than needed most likely but anyone that's read my fanposts before know I'm kinda like that. :)

War Eagle!

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