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Should You Tweet at Recruits?

A Helpful Explainer

Businessman Using Smartphone And Laptop Photo by Neil Godwin/Future via Getty Images

Should you tweet at recruits?

It’s an age old question. Should I, or should I not? Scholars and philosophers have poured over ancient manuscripts and sacred texts searching for the final authority on this question. Well, dear readers, allow me to provide some clarity to this particular situation: No. No you should not.

But what if he just decommitted and I’m mad ‘bout it?

No, you shouldn’t tweet at him. He likely tweeted about switching schools. You will be confronted with the urge to reply to his tweet, furiously typing angry words on your phone keyboard. Resist this urge.

This isn’t a guilt trip. Maybe you’ve tweeted at a recruit or two in your time. As long as you stop now, we’re cool.

What if I think he took money?

Who cares. I hope he is getting paid. It’s just a shame we got outbid. Maybe consider patronizing your biggest boosters’ businesses. Look over there, high quality lumber! Maybe next time we won’t get outbid.

What if he’s lying about what happened?

Oh, you know this? You, personally, were on the phone when he called coach up the other day? Gotcha.

But what if I have a clever reply?

Do not send that tweet. Don’t do it! You aren’t as clever as you think you are. Only you will find it funny.

Ah, but what if he didn’t say “respect my decision 100” in his notes app screenshot?

This is actually a little known loophole. If the recruit does not specifically ask you to respect his decision, you still shouldn’t tweet at him.

But what if other people are saying worse things?


But what if I want to wish him good luck?

You’re missing the point. If you tweet at him and wish him luck, someone will just reply to your tweet with an angry tweet.

When can I tweet at these young men?

After they sign. they aren’t recruits anymore. Tweet away! But only to the ones that signed with your school. If you’re still mad about someone not signing with your school, maybe consider stepping away from twitter...forever.