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Boom! Auburn Lands 2020 JUCO OT Jonathan Buskey

Hey! An offensive tackle!

Jonathan Buskey’s Twitter:

Offensive line recruiting, well really the lack thereof, has become a bit of a #HotTopic for Auburn fans after recent cycles. Over the last two classes, Auburn has only signed five offensive lineman from the high school ranks. Only one is projected to be an offensive tackle and he’s considered a bit of a tweener. That’s means Auburn is going to need a HUGE OL class in the 2020 cycle.

So far, so good...

Right after National Signing Day, Auburn landed 4* OG Avery Jernigan. Just a few days later, they snagged their 2nd OL of the cycle in JUCO OT Jonathan Buskey.


Scouting Report

First off, Buskey is a very large human being. At 6’7” 320 lbs there will be no “he might be better suited inside” takes from this humble writer. He’s an offensive tackle all the way. But even more encouraging is that despite being a giant, Buskey is pretty athletic. He’s not plodding, instead he looks almost nimble reaching linebackers at the 2nd level. It looks like his scheme calls for a lot of quick pass sets which is interesting but he executes them well. There were a few times he had to reanchor himself to gain better leverage and both resulted in the defender on his butt with Buskey standing over him. As a run blocker, he does a great job driving through initial contact and keeping his feet moving to get great movement up front. A very solid pickup.

The Class

Make no mistake, Auburn is bringing Buskey in to start in 2020. You don’t sign a JUCO OL to sit the bench especially when you might only have one SEC ready offensive tackle when he arrives to campus. He appears to have the skillset to make that jump to the next level but you never really know with JUCO kids. That’s why it’s vitally important Auburn signs a large OL class this go around. The Tigers still need to sign at least two OTs from the high school ranks but they are off to an encouraging start in the 2020 class with two talented kids on board. Let’s see if this staff can keep it going.

War Eagle Jonathan!