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Crow to Harper Challenge: Week 6

Correlation IS Causation, y’all

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NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was a challenging one. I asked for a workout from y’all, and boy did y’all deliver. Jared Harper had a tough week leading our sputtering Tigers against LSU and Ole Miss. A couple of gross games, a couple losses, and now everyone is in a bad mood. Thank God there’s a month of basketball left for this team to get right, and for me to lose a big number.

Y’all I have to do better.

I plateaued starting two weeks ago. You know it. I know it. Around the same time, Jared Harper tweaked his ankle and started turning the ball over too much. A case could be made that he is playing too many minutes, that this team is too dependent on he and Bryce Brown having big games every time out—or the case could be made that Ole Son of Crow needs to get his butt in gear and do his part. Everybody knows correlation isn’t causation, but maybe it is?

Maybe my best weeks coincide with Auburn’s best weeks for a reason?

Maybe the wins and losses from here on out are as much on my head as anyone else’s?

If so, I’ll need some real motivation.

That’ll do it. Im at a little under 5lbs since I started these articles and 10 pounds since Jan 1. If this could get some people to hit up then maybe I will make this weight loss goal a reality.

Weight Update: 212.4

Ok, So I’m back to where I was when the plateau started. I did one of the workouts from the comments last week. I did 10 bupees, 10 pushups, 10 situps, and then ran a lap around the block (around 600m) then I did 9x9x9 and a lap and so on. It was very tough. I might make this a part of the weekly routine.

What I didn’t do was get a long bike ride in this week. I really wanted to, but my daughter got a fever and my wife and I freaked out because we’ve never had a sick kid before and it’s scary you guys.

I promise to do better.

This next week needs to be a huge one for me and for Harper and the Auburn Tigers. We are getting down to the point in the season where we have to prove ourselves. We have some huge games coming up and I need to perform my absolute best in order for us to win.

I have to stop taking days off. Jared has to stop turning the ball over. We all have areas to improve is what I’m trying to say. What do you have to improve upon in your life? Maybe my effort to lose an absurd amount of weight can inspire you to do something? What’s that thing you always wanted to do, but never had the guts to start? Go ahead. Buy a theremin. Learn how to do calligraphy. Make a comic strip based on the life of Bruce Pearl. I dunno what to tell you.

Just keep going. Don’t forget it’s @sonofcrow on venmo when you accomplish your goal.