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Midweek Report - Alabama A&M series

Alabama A&M @ #21 Auburn

  • Tuesday – 10-1 W
  • Wednesday - 10-2 W

Dominant wins, exactly what this team needed before heading on the road to what could be an even tougher test than Georgia Southern last weekend. Auburn absolutely crushed the Bulldogs as they should have. Tiger pitchers combined for 17 strikeouts in game one and plenty of A&M mistakes pushed things to the 10-1 score. Game two was a bit more nip and tuck till the later innings but it was just as dominate, but it came from the offensive side. Edouard Julien hit two home runs to make his total three on the year and Judd Ward had a solo bomb, the first of his career. Overall it was exactly what Auburn could have asked for. In other good news, Davis Daniel underwent an MRI on Monday and there was no tear in his UCL and Dr. Andrews put together a plan to help with the forearm tightness. It means Davis is out for a few weeks, but that is so much better than out till May or the entire season!

Around the League

#1 LSU vs Southeastern Louisiana, TUE 6-5 W

It always seems that SELU give LSU a better game than the Tigers really ask them for. In this edition, Southeastern carried a 5-4 lead into the 7th inning before the Tigers finally knotted the game up at 5-5 and then took the lead the following inning with an RBI Single from Brock Mathis drove in Giovanni DiGiacomo to take the lead for good.

#2 Vanderbilt vs Evansville, WED 5-4 W

Solid win for the Dores to open Hawkins Field for the year. Here are the highlights.

#5 Florida

  • @ South Florida, TUE 6-1 L
  • vs North Florida, WED 7-1 L

That….that’s a bad week for the Gators…first…

THEN! You come home to take on North Florida, a team that already has a series win over Mizzou…

Ouch, brah…ouch.

#11 Ole Miss vs Arkansas State, WED 15-3 W

Just another Swazey Field whipping, but it’s really hard to score runs when things like this happen.

Just nasty defense.

#14 Mississippi State vs UAB, WED 3-2 W

This was a really fun game last night. UAB fought and held a 2-1 lead into the 7th, but then Jake Mangum happened.

Now State prepares for Southern Miss to head to Starkville which should be an awesome series this weekend.

Texas A&M

  • vs Stephen F. Austin, TUE 5-3 W
  • vs Prairie View, WED 9-1 W

Not too much to see here, A&M went out and took care of business against 2 teams they should have.

South Carolina vs Winthrop, TUE 8-6 W

Carolina has had some trouble getting out of the gate so far this season, though it looks a little bit after Liberty beat a really good Wake Forest team like a drum 9-3 and did this in the process

(yes, I brought them up just to share that play)

This game was no different though for the Gamecocks, falling down 6-0 to the Eagles by the middle of the 3rd. However, that was all they would score and the comeback was on. By the 6th, Carolina had claimed the lead and would never look back. Is this the wake-up call Carolina needed before an interesting series with Utah Valley this weekend? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Tennessee vs Northern Kentucky, TUE 18-0 W

How about this for a stat. Tennessee hasn’t allowed a run so far this season. 27 innings with App State and now 9 with The Norse of Northern Kentucky. Sure, those aren’t Omaha teams or anything like that, but for a program that hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament since 2005, it’s a fantastic sign!

Missouri @ Florida A&M, TUE 5-3 W

This seemed to be an easy win for Mizzou until the Rattlers got to the bottom of the 9th…There wasn’t any video so let’s go to the Play-By-Play!

WOOOOO Boy that was close! I, personally, am kind of pulling for Missouri this season. There is no way they can play Auburn this year so Let’s Go Mizzou!

On Deck

The Tigers have already loaded up and are in route to beautiful downtown Orlando, Florida to take on the Knights of UCF. The Knights enter undefeated with a pretty looking win over Stetson this past Tuesday with a 10-2 final. Although, Stetson has fallen flat on its face to start this campaign with an 0-4 start and being outscored 24-7 in those games. UCF also posted a series sweep over Siena last weekend. UCF doesn’t have a shutdown ace but they do have a good selection of arms that have some good experience. Look for Grant Schuermann to go tomorrow night against Tanner Burns while Junior College transfer Trevor Holloway with toe the rubber against Kyle Gray. Sunday Auburn is TBA and it literally could be anyone. My money would be on Cody Greenhill to get that call and see what happens. At the plate for the Knights, remember the names Dallas Beaver and Griffin Bernardo. Both have the best power in the lineup but don’t sleep on Dalton Wingo either, he is tied with Bernardo for the team HR lead so far this season. I would say the Tigers take 2 of 3 this weekend again, but as long as they get 1 it is something they can work with. A sweep is never a good thing mind you, but should the worst happen, it is not panic button time, that is saved for the middle of April and SEC play.