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National Signing Day Preview

Can Auburn close the 2019 class strong?

Octavius Brothers’s Twitter:

Tomorrow, another wild recruiting ride will come to an end. While the early signing period has removed some of the drama of the traditional signing day, it does appear that Auburn is set to have a very non boring day tomorrow. As of today, Auburn sits ranked #12 in the country and #6 in the SEC by 247 Composite. However, their player average is actually 6th in country at 91.34. That average would also be the highest in Malzahn’s tenure.

My understanding is Auburn is looking to sign 25 commits this class though they might have room for 1-2 more. Currently, they hold 19 commitments (if including graduate transfer Jay Jay Wilson) with 16 having already signed. That means, Auburn is hoping to land 6 new commitments Wednesday which could mean a very busy and happy day for the Tigers. It could also mean there are more holes than expected still left to fill and some serious disappointment. As of today, I believe it will be more of the former but the latter isn’t impossible.

So with that backdrop, I’m going to take one last stab at predicting where Auburn’s top remaining targets land tomorrow. If you want to see my earlier predictions check out my take two weeks ago and what I thought last week. Quashon Fuller and John Rhys Plumlee will not be in this week’s edition. Fuller released a top 3 that did not include Auburn last week and Plumlee committed to Ole Miss last night.

5* WR George Pickens | 6’4” | 190 lbs | Hoover, AL | Auburn Commit

Announcing: 1:30 PM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Tennessee

Pickens took his final official visit this past weekend, traveling up to Knoxville, TN. He left the Volunteer staff thinking the same thing LSU and UGA did after their visits - a flip very well might happen. But on his way home, Pickens made a bit of a detour and stopped by Auburn’s campus one last time before signing day. Barring a late shock, I fully expect Pickens to sign with the Tigers Wednesday as he’s always said he would do.

Prediction: Auburn (99%)

4* DL Charles Moore | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Louisville, MS

Announcing: TBA

Top Teams: Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State

This has been a wacky recruitment to say the least over this past week. A long time Mississippi State commit, Moore reopened things in early January and took official visits to Florida, Florida State and LSU. Both the Gators and Noles thought they had made huge moves after those visits only for them to be eliminated just a few days later. The word was that Mississippi State had been eliminated as well only for them to send basically the whole staff to his house the Thursday before his final OV to LSU in an effort to convince him to visit Starkville instead. It didn’t work, Moore showed up in Baton Rouge but reports are that LSU staff got a “weird vibe” from Moore. However, on the way home, he ended up stopping in Starkville that evening to watch the Super Bowl with the Mississippi State coaching staff. Throughout all this insanity, Auburn has supposedly maintained confidence he will pick the Tigers. I have 0 idea what he decides to do and there are rumors he might not even sign tomorrow. So I’m going to stick with my Auburn prediction only because I don’t see the clear other choice at the moment but I’ve dropped my confidence to a complete guess. This will be the top storyline to follow tomorrow and it could end in a shocker for somebody.

Prediction: Auburn (1%)

4* RB Mark-Antony Richards | 6’1” | 195 lbs | West Palm Beach, FL

Announcing: 11:15 AM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida, Georgia

The Dawgs and Gators made strong pushes but Auburn has been there from the beginning for Richards saying the same thing over and over again, “come to the Plains and play running back.” That consistency and those long term relationships will likely pay off. I believe Richards will be a Tiger tomorrow.

Prediction: Auburn (90%)

4* CB Maurice Hampton | 6’0” | 205 lbs | Memphis, TN | LSU Commit

Announcing: 9:30 AM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, LSU

Hampton did not make the trip that reported he might take to the Plains this past weekend. From the sound of things, it appears he’s told both staffs his final decision will be to stick with LSU. AU made a push but it wasn’t strong enough to overcome a multi year commitment to the Bayou Bengals.

Prediction: LSU (99%)

4* RB Jamious Griffin | 5’10” | 205 lbs | Rome, GA

Announcing: 8:00 AM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, NC State

Last week, I thought Florida State might make a strong late push and dropped my confidence down to 5% in anticipation of that official visit. Griffin never made it to Tallahassee. With Auburn feeling really good about Richards and Griffin not visiting FSU, it appears Geoff Collins is set to make a big splash signing tomorrow.

Prediction: Georgia Tech (99%)

3* DB Jammie Robinson | 5’11” | 200 lbs | Leesburg, GA

Announcing: 1 PM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee

With news that Hampton was sticking with LSU, Auburn reportedly sent most of the coaching staff to visit Robinson last week in a last ditch effort to change his mind. It was probably too late. Will Muschamp and Travaris Robinson have been all over this recruitment from the beginning and the Gamecocks are probably going to land a phenomenal DB tomorrow.

Prediction: South Carolina (99%)

3* OT Wisdom Asaboro | 6’8” | 280 lbs | Matthews, NC

Announcing: 7:00 AM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, North Carolina, Oregon, Penn State, Virginia

It appears Auburn was too late to the party for Asaboro (a recurring theme in Auburn’s OL recruiting....) and will not land that coveted official visit after signing day. Instead, it’s believed that Asaboro will sign with the Tar Heels tomorrow.

Prediction: North Carolina (99%)

3* DL Jamond Gordon | 6’4” | 268 lbs | Meridian, MS

Announcing: TBA

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss

No one seems to know what’s going on in this recruitment. I’m going to say he lands at Ole Miss because Auburn beats them for LeDarrius Cox. But if the Tigers miss on Charles Moore, maybe they send a Letter of Intent to Gordon if he wants back on board. I wouldn’t be shocked if he signed with neither tomorrow.

Prediction: Ole Miss (1%)

3* OG Kamaar Bell | 6’3” | 320 lbs | Moultrie, GA

Announcing: 12:00 PM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State, Louisville

There appears to be a lot more confidence in Auburn’s camp for Bell than I realized last week. FSU is undoubtedly a threat but they were late to the party. Auburn has been after Bell for some time, he’s close to many of Auburn’s signees and he’s sees a path to early playing time. I think the Tigers snag the talented lineman tomorrow.

Prediction: Auburn (50%)

3* DT LeDarrius Cox | 6’5 | 300 lbs | Mobile, AL | Tennessee Commit

Announcing: 8:30 AM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee

I don’t know if this is a slam dunk just yet because not much is coming out on this recruitment. But there seems to be some serious confidence in a number of places that Auburn has pulled ahead in this recruitment and will pull off the flip tomorrow. The least likely scenario as of now appears to be Cox sticking with Tennessee. I think Auburn beats Ole Miss out for the talented instate defender.

Prediction: Auburn (70%)

3* OT Ira Henry | 6’5” | 320 lbs | St. Louis, MO

Announcing: 2:00 PM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, Florida State

Henry released a top 4 but this is a two team race. Both sides appear to have confidence but it seems Auburn folks are banking hard on the fact that Henry and Bell will play together at next level. With there being confidence AU will land Bell, it makes sense then to think they will get Henry as well. But I’m not as sold on that being the case and it really does appear that FSU has made a huge push for Henry. Remember, this is his “dream offer” and FSU can promise the chance to challenge for a starting spot as a true freshman. I hope I’m wrong but I get the feeling this recruitment is going to go against the Tigers.

Prediction: Florida State (15%)

3* LB Octavius Brothers | 6’2 | 210 lbs | Southwest Brevard County, FL

Announcing: 2:45 PM CT

Top Teams: Auburn, North Carolina

In the fall, Auburn got the feeling they were gonna fail to flip some major linebacker targets and started hunting for new talent. They found a real gem in Brothers and have made him a priority ever since. He appears set to join Owen Pappoe and Kameron Brown in a very interesting but solid linebacker class.

Prediction: Auburn (99%)

War Eagle!