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Boom! 4-Star Defensive Lineman Charles Moore Chooses Auburn!

This has been a long, hard fought recruitment that ended in smiles for Auburn’s coaching staff.

Charles Moore’s Twitter:

Whew.... This was a LONG, wild recruitment that could have gone a plethora of different directions but in the end, 4* DL Charles Moore will sign with the Tigers.

Moore first committed to Mississippi State back in 2017 but with Dan Mullen’s defection to Gainesville, it looked like maybe someone else could swoop in and steal the talented defensive lineman away. He stayed committed to the Bulldogs all through 2018 but was on the Plains at least four times that spring. His dad worked in Opelika for a period of time as well allowing him to regularly meet with the staff and get a feel for the program.

Then Auburn snagged 4* DL Jaren Handy. Both Moore and Handy throughout their recruitments stated that they planned to play together. They repeated those statements following their official visits to Auburn in late December. A month later things would take off.

Moore decommitted from State in early January. He then took official visits to Florida, Florida State and LSU. After leaving Florida, he named them his leader only to back away from that comment just a few days later. Following his trip to Tallahassee, it was believed the Noles had made themselves a player only to basically be eliminated later that week. Then the Thursday before Moore was supposed to travel to Baton Rouge, Mississippi State, thought to have been eliminated from the race, sent the majority of their coaching staff to meet with the talented defensive lineman and hopefully talk him into taking his last OV to Starkville instead.

It didn’t work. Moore took his official visit to LSU that week. However, so many mixed reports came out following that visit. There were some “insiders” reporting that Moore had given the staff “weird vibes” and it seemed unlikely he would don the purple and gold. Then others thought that the visit had gone wonderfully and now LSU was the major threat to Auburn. To add even more drama, Moore did stop in Starkville on his way home from Baton Rouge making State believe they could possibly sneak back in and steal Moore back.

But after all the drama, all the “insider” notes, all the back and forth, in the end, Moore chose the team most people thought was the favorite following his decommitment, the Auburn Tigers.


Scouting Report

Moore had as good a sophomore tape as you will find for a defensive lineman. But a nasty knee injury stole his junior year and he honestly didn’t seem back to 100% through most of his senior season. But both at the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game and the Under Armour All-America Game it looked like maybe he was getting his step back. Moore’s future is most likely in the interior as a 3-tech though he could also slide out at strongside defensive end. He’s got a long frame but a very quick first step that makes him a nightmare in pass protection for interior offensive lineman. He’s a great fit for what Rodney Garner likes to do with his big fellas up front.

The Class

Ok so today hasn’t been awesome so far but it can still be somewhat salvaged. Landing Moore is a great start to doing just that. He, Jaren Handy, Colby Wooden and Derrick Hall give Auburn an outstanding defensive line class this cycle and should put Auburn in a good spot next year when they will lose Derrick Brown, Marlon Davidson and maybe even Nick Coe.

Now all eyes are on OL targets Kamaar Bell and Ira Henry. There’s also Mark Antony-Richards who I feel REALLY good about. Go 2 for 3 among that group and today isn’t a total disaster. Miss on both OL guys and well.... Either way, landing Moore is a nice pick me up for this Auburn staff after a rough start to the day.

War Eagle Charles!