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Crow to Harper Challenge: Week 7

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been some recent discussion on here as to whether Jared Harper deserves his jersey retired. Some think he needs to come back next season, take Auburn to the tournament, and set an unreachable school-record in assists. If he did that, it would be three straight tournaments with Harper at the point, an unfathomable feat for a school whose basketball team has been to nine tournaments as of this writing. NINE. there are several schools who have been to more tournaments in the last ten years than Auburn has been to in its history. I have my own feelings about Jared Harper’s jersey:

Auburn would do it if it wasn’t a bunch of cowards. The 1 will be hanging in the rafters soon enough, whether this year or next, because Jared Harper is the best point guard Auburn has had since Doc Robinson, and I’m beginning to be convinced that Harper is the best Auburn has ever had. He is just so good. No matter how much we appreciate him, it probably isn’t enough. There are some people who might focus on “bad jared” or the times he seems to turn the ball over more than they’d like. This is insane. We are talking about a player who plays darn near every minute of every game and is responsible for 21% of the points scored by this team this season. If you don’t think he’s amazing, just imagine anyone else on this team having to run the point for a full game and shudder because you’re imagining a nightmare scenario. Chuma is Auburn’s best pro prospect, Austin Wiley is the most talented player on the roster, but Jared is the most important and it isn’t close. He went into Athens and decided the game. Georgia played better than Auburn down the stretch, but Jared willed Auburn to a victory. Chuma made the final shot, but he was open because everyone in the gym thought Jared Harper (or maybe Bryce) was getting the ball on that inbounds.

The guy guarding Harper is blanketing him like he is trying to help him get over hypothermia.

Weight Update: 211.0

Rode a lot on the bike this week, and it shows. Usually after a long ride it takes me a few days to really see the weight come off, and so I am actually hoping next week to be better. I also have cut a lot of the meat out of my diet for most meals. I’m trying to get up to around 100oz of water going into my body each day, and that is really helping me go to the bathroom every five minutes. Between that and the five cups of coffee I drink most days, I am starting to shed weight the easy way.

I really don’t think there’s any way I can win this challenge at this point. Auburn would need to win the national title to give me enough time to get below 200lbs. That said, I will continue working my tail off to try to do it. If you see Jared Harper, tell him to eat a whole pizza in one sitting like a normal college student.