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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken


In case you missed it, Auburn basketball had a great week. The Bruce Pearl Tigers beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa and 5th-ranked Tennessee at home in the regular season finale. Solid.

Auburn baseball also had a great week. The Butch Thompson Tigers beat everyone, and are currently riding a nine-game winning streak overall. They’ve got the last two SEC Pitchers of the Week with Tanner Burns and Jack Owen dominating competition like they’re playing little league.

Basically, it was a very solid several days on the Plains, and there’s plenty to talk about as we hit the latest episode of Orange and True Presented by Champ’s Chicken!

The chicken’s that good. The sauces are that good. The sides are that good. And there are more drink options than you can count because of the vast cavernous enormity of the beer fridge. Get you an adult bevvie and have some fun stuffing your face with the tenders (chicken forearms) and settle back to listen to fantastic Auburn reminiscence from Crow, Ryan, and Chief!