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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

Rewatch the SEC Championship with Crow and Chief!

Man, do we have a big podcast for you. Grab an ice cold Kewrs Light, settle back, turn on the SEC Championship Game, and listen to the stream-of-consciousness thoughts from Son of Crow and AU Chief as they relive all the action.

Auburn is your current SEC Tournament Champ after winning four games in four days, including the complete evisceration of the Tennessee Vols on Sunday afternoon. It’s the first time the Tigers have won the postseason tournament since 1985, and they’re playing their absolute best basketball at the perfect right time.

Today, we get you a complete review of the SEC Tournament and a look ahead to what’s coming up this Thursday when Auburn begins the NCAA Tournament out in Salt Lake City against New Mexico State. Crow and Chief go deep — DEEP — on what transpired over the past week, and you don’t want to miss any of it.

As always, this episode is presented by Champ’s Chicken, the best chicken in a decidedly hot chicken finger town. There’s a ton of sides, sauces, and beverages to enjoy alongside your chicken, so pay them a visit on Opelika Road!

Now, on to the show!