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“We’ve Got Jared” Music Video

I don’t know if you asked for it, but you got it!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Auburn vs Kansas Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By now you’re familiar with the Internet sensation that’s sweeping the nation —


It touches on the wonders of Auburn’s basketball season and everything that’s been great about the success of 2019: Bryce Brown bombing long threes, Chuma Okeke’s propensity for buckets, beating our rivals, #ClassicMalik, and of course, Jared Harper himself.

We’d like to thank part of the backbone of #AuburnTwitter, @sheabooskyy, for dedicating part of her weekend to construct a wonderful music video for the song! After the win over Kansas, it’s apparent that every corner of the Auburn internet worked in concert to provide fantastic ‘tent, and we appreciate the fans. All of them.

How else can you celebrate the first Sweet Sixteen appearance since 2003? By joining in with Son of Crow and singing along.

Now, you’ve got the moving images to make the occasion even more special.

War Eagle!

EDIT: Apparently people like the song... I know that the person shocked the most about this is Crow himself, but even he can’t deny the catchiness of the tune. Even the Auburn basketball team is enjoying themselves listening to this:

EDIT Pt. 2: People apparently REALLY like this song.

And then maybe the best part, Reddit user u/Crump_daddy intertwining Son of Crow’s song into this iconic Apocalypse Now scene...

Let’s not also forget that this can easily be adapted in a choir version, or, as Ryan Sterritt said, “Crow got Glee’d”.

And in case there was any doubt, the pep band has refined its work for this weekend and will be blaring the song loud and proud tomorrow night.

But there’s no better way to top it all off than by getting the head coach himself to hit you up on Facetime...

The hits keep on coming, War Eagle! Beat Virginia!