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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

Episode 38: Escapism

It’s Orange and Truesday, and that means we’ve reached another episode of the Orange and True Podcast presented by the wonderful folks over at Champ’s Chicken!

Now, it’s been a tough and heartbreaking week for many in the Auburn area, especially those south of town who’ve been dealing with the aftermath of the tornado. There are at least 24 families whose lives have changed forever, and not in a good way. Do what you can for those, and give whatever you can to help heal the wounded and begin the mending process. We’ve got a list of ways to help out if you can pinned on the front page, so make sure to check it out.

This week’s episode has plenty to help distract you, though... Auburn basketball’s hitting the final week of the regular season, and we’ve got two huge games. The Tigers are in a position to earn a top four seed in the SEC Tournament, which would mean a coveted double-bye in Nashville. We’ve got a road game against Alabama standing in the way before the home finale against Tennessee on Saturday, and both games will be tough. Auburn can get a sweep of Alabama tonight, and we need to see some losses from Ole Miss and South Carolina in other games around the league.

As always, today’s show is presented by Champ’s Chicken. These guys make the best chicken tenders in Auburn, and they’ve got the best cadre of sauces and sides to make your meal the absolute best. Don’t forget to pair it with a beverage from the extensive beer fridge as well.

Now, on to Episode 38 of Orange and True...