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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Sonic Tools

EPISODE 43: Requiem for Auburn Basketball 2018-19

What’s up, y’all. It’s now officially baseball/spring football season, as much as we lament the fact that Auburn basketball’s over.

There’s a ton to talk about on this week’s edition of Orange and True (now presented proudly by Sonic Tools!), including but not limited to — the Final Four, Auburn vs Virginia, the seniors, and Jared Harper’s NBA declaration.

Auburn’s season ended at 30-10 — bar none the greatest season in school history, complete with a conference tournament title and the deepest run in the NCAA Tournament ever. The Tigers came within an eyelash of playing for a national championship, and we’ll relive that painful Saturday night here.

Also, and we know you want it badly, there’s more singing from Son of Crow. This time, he gets the magic accompaniment from Ryan Sterritt and AU Chief on harmony and backing vocals. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now, enjoy Episode 43 of Orange and True!

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War Eagle!