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Power Rankings – Week 7: Surprising Results

There are some weeks that come out of nowhere to be quite honest. Teams that you expect to steam roll floundering teams, prove to have a tougher time than normal or go so far as drop the whole series. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it’s just life in the SEC. Also, we had the dreaded of all dreads this week…the curfew tie. So let’s dive into it! Remember, these ranking are my personal opinion of how the teams look and are not necessarily representative of the Composite Rankings we use here at C & M.

#1 Vanderbilt – LW 2 – (22-6)

  • vs Tennessee, FRI: 4-2 W, SAT: 10-4 W, SUN: 7-6 L

Vandy pounded out a series win over their rival Volunteers. The Dores also improved to 5-1 at home in the conference and was a whisker short of being 6-0 over both Florida and Tennessee. This is not good news for the rest of the SEC. It’s tough enough to get road wins but if Vandy starts going lockdown at the Hawk, oofa.

#2 Mississippi State – LW 1 – (24-5)

  • vs LSU, THU: 6-5 W, FRI: 10-5 L, SAT: 11-2 L

Color me shocked on this one. Sure, State’s pen isn’t the strongest in the world, but if you told me that LSU’s starters and pen would hold State to 2 runs in a game, I would ask if they all caught the flu. Ethan Small did what he normally does on Friday, but the Earth mover this weekend was JT Ginn going just 5 innings, giving up 9 hits with 6 runs (5 earned), walking 2 and striking out 9. Sunday isn’t that much of a shock, just because State doesn’t have a strong starter but the fact that LSU only needed two arms for the win is. Sure, the offense can have an off day but that was the wrong day to leave the bats in the bag. Look for State to bounce back this week though.

#3 Georgia – LW 5 – (23-5)

  • @ Kentucky, THU: 7-3 W, FRI: 5-0 L, SAT: 10-8 W/10

Solid road series win for the Dawgs, though game 3 was tighter than you would have hoped. Georgia is quietly leading the East at the moment and looks to make some real noise this weekend as they host Vandy. This will far and away be the series of the weekend in a VERY loaded weekend in the SEC. But again, 2/3 on the road is never a thing to not feel bad about.

#4 Texas A&M – LW 4 – (23-6)

  • vs Missouri, FRI: 7-3 W, SAT: 3-2 L, SUN: 2-2 T/10 (Travel Curfew)

UGH! The home tie might be the most frustrating thing that isn’t a sweep in the conference. It can either help or hamstring you in mid-May. Now A&M must get past the slanted smile from last weekend quickly because a trip to *all of the sudden hot* LSU is on the horizon but for now in Aggieland its…


#5 LSU – LW 7 – (19-9)

  • @ Mississippi State, THU: 6-5 L, FRI: 10-5 W, SAT: 11-2 W

WEEEEEELLLLLL, we leave them for dead after lackluster performances against Texas and Georgia and then BAM! They are back with vengeance and if they can get 1 more base hit Thursday, we are talking about a road series sweep at State…wow. A fantastic weekend for the Tigers as they begin the trek back into the race for a regional host spot (which they are firmly in now, without question).

#6 Arkansas – LW 3 – (22-6)

  • vs Ole Miss, FRI: 5-3 W, SAT: 4-3 L, SUN: 10-5 L

We get to the other, huh….ok then, of the weekend. Arky has shown no signs of letting up lately with series wins over Mizzou and Alabama along with splitting a midweek series with Texas in Austin but somehow Ole Miss was able to figure out the Dave Van Horn puzzle at Baum Stadium no less. Now the Piggies take to the road to see the Auburn Tigers…this should be fun.

#7 Ole Miss – LW 8 – (20-9)

  • @ Arkansas, FRI: 5-3 L, SAT: 4-3 W, SUN: 10-5 W

Much like LSU, but even more so maybe, Ole Miss was close to being left in the dust. The Rebs have had a rough getting a home series win over Alabama but then dropping a road series to Mizzou. Friday started much the same with Isaiah Campbell doing his thing, but Saturday and Sunday were huge victories for the Rebs. A road series win at Arkansas…didn’t see that in the cards…

#8 Auburn – LW 6 – (22-6)

  • @ South Carolina, FRI: 4-2 W, SAT: 4-0 L, SUN: 7-5 W

This mini drop is two-fold. 1) Other teams had more impressive wins on the weekend. If Auburn didn’t look as bad as it did Saturday, they probably hold their spot at 6 but they could do nothing on the offensive side, even with Brooks Fuller doing a heck of a job. 2) Auburn, at this moment, is down 2 starters and the attrition is beginning to show in the pitching effort. When Jack Owen and Davis Daniel get back, the play will improve and Auburn will rise in the ranking. Good series road win however, that should not be over looked.

#9 Florida – LW 9 – (20-10)

  • vs Alabama, FRI: 3-1 W, SAT: 12-3 W, SUN: 6-3 W

I probably should have Florida move up with a sweep of Alabama, but I just can’t move Auburn down or move anyone else down so this is where they land for now. This is a series that Florida had to have go this way, as they got dominated by Vandy last weekend in Nashville. Gotta love conference series sweeps.

#10 Tennessee – LW 11 – (21-8)

  • @ Vanderbilt, FRI: 4-2 L, SAT: 10-4 L, SUN: 7-6 W

This is exactly what Tennessee needed to get this weekend. Going into Sunday, Vandy was 5-0 in conference at home so to break through with a 1 run win is a huge get for the Vols. Now the Vols get to return home to host the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. And I think they are a bit angry…

#11 Alabama – LW 10 – (20-9)

  • @ Florida, FRI: 3-1 L, SAT: 12-3 L, SUN: 6-3 L

Ouch…Just when Alabama looked like they were about to break through and really get some momentum after a midweek win over Auburn in the Cap City Classic, reality hit in the form of the Florida Gators. This weekend should be interesting though, South Carolina comes calling in a series Bama has a real shot to get after seeing the Gamecocks this past weekend.

#12 Missouri – LW 13 – (18-10)

  • @ Texas A&M, FRI: 7-3 L, SAT: 3-2 W, SUN: 2-2 T/10 (Travel Curfew)

Unlike for A&M, the tie works out for Mizzou, they are starting to embrace the role of spoiler for now, while their appeal still works through the NCAA system, the Tigers, right now, are in line for a shot at Hoover if the suspension is lifted.

#13 South Carolina – LW 12 - (17-11)

  • vs Auburn, FRI: 4-2 L, SAT: 4-0 W, SUN: 7-5 L

I knew that Carolina had some unfortunate injuries but, wow. The offense isn’t anything to write home about as far as stringing together hits and the pitching staff is young and inexperienced. Reid Morgan is the real deal however. Morgan doesn’t have over powering stuff but it’s good enough to miss bats which is the name of the game on the weekends. Should the injuries clear up, Carolina becomes a very interesting ball club.

#14 Kentucky – LW 14 – (16-12)

  • vs Georgia, THU: 7-3 L, FRI: 5-0 W, SAT: 10-8 L/10

I mean…at least it wasn’t a sweep? And the Cats get their first SEC win on the weekend! YAY!

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