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Power Rankings – Week 10

Power Rankings – Week 10: Log jam at the Top

So much to get to so let’s get after it. Remember, we will release our Top 25 via twitter on Thursday, around noon to get you ready for the weekend’s action and these power rankings do not reflect those rankings.

#1 Vanderbilt – LW 1 – (31-9)

  • @ Alabama, FRI: 7-4 W, SAT: 13-5 W, SUN: 2-0 W

No surprise at all here for the Dores. If there is anything to write home about, it’s that there was no let down against a team just not up to Vandy’s level. On the weekend, Vanderbilt out hit the Tide 38 to 15 and (as you can see) outscored Alabama 22 to 9. Not a bad weekend for the team that will be the 1-seed in the SEC Tournament *HOT TAKE!!*. Just to get you ready for Thursday, JJ Bleday was monster this weekend. The (thank goodness he’s a) junior went 5 for 14 with 4 Home Runs, 7 RBIs and a walk. Note to Auburn…don’t pitch to this guy.

#2 Georgia – LW 2 – (33-8)

  • vs Missouri, THU: 3-0 W, FRI: 5-2 W, SAT: 4-2 W

It may not have been the dominant sweep like SOME PEOPLE HAD, but it was a series sweep against a hot Missouri team. Georgia now moves into sole possession of first place in the conference with the sweep as they bounce back from the loss in Knoxville. Solid home weekend for the Bulldogs, even though it may not receive much fanfare nationally. And, oh by the way, Georgia turned a triple play this weekend.

#3 Arkansas – LW 7 – (30-10)

  • vs Mississippi State, THU: 5-3 W, FRI: 12-5 W, SAT: 10-2 W

Well that was one way to bounce back after a road loss to Vandy. Good greif! While the offense was great on Friday and Saturday, I more give the pats on the back to the pitching staff for the Hogs. The starters for Arkansas went a combined 19.1 innings of work, gave up just 4 runs on 12 hits and only walked 3 Bulldog batters. And remember, this isn’t just some pushover offense they were throwing against. This is a very dangerous State lineup from 1-9.

#4 Texas A&M – LW 4 – (29-12-1)

  • @ South Carolina, THU: 8-2 W, SAT G1: 3-2 L/7, SAT G2: 6-3 W/7

Pretty much what one would have expected from this series, A&M had deeper pitching and a better offense but South Carolina was playing at home and probably benefitted from a 7 inning contest and almost took the series because of it. Asa Lacy wasn’t what he has been for the second week in a row but this time the offense came at the right time and the Aggies get the road series win (as seen below).

#5 LSU – LW 5 – (26-15)

  • vs Florida, THU: 16-9 L, FRI: 13-1 W, SAT: 11-2 W

To be honest, I somewhat expected a series sweep here but whatever you think this LSU ballclub is going to do, they will do something different. Solid series win over the Gators except for that Thursday game…Ma’Khail Hilliard was only able to go 2 innings and give up 6 runs during his time which put the Tigers behind the 8 ball from the get go. Good on the pitching staff to rally and only give up 3 runs over the final 18 innings of play to cap things off.

#6 Mississippi State – LW 3 – (32-9)

  • @ Arkansas, THU: 5-3 L, FRI: 12-5 L, SAT: 10-2 L

Where in the world did this come from?? I mean a series loss would be one thing but an out and out sweep? The weekend started well enough with Ethan Small going smooth through 5 innings, but ran in to trouble in the 6th and the Hogs were able to hold on for the win. Friday was too be expected with a Jonny Bullpen effort but Saturday with JT Ginn was suppose to be the W of the weekend. However, the Arkansas pitching staff was too much for the Diamond Dawgs to over come and a stinging sweep follows.

#7 Tennessee – LW 6 – (30-11)

  • @ Kentucky, THU: 4-2 W, FRI: 16-1 W, SAT: 8-2 W

Could there have been a better setup for the Vols this weekend? After a massive series win at home against Georgia, Tennessee would have to hit the road in a series where there could very possibly be some hang over. Enter the Kentucky Wildcats who may already be out of Tournament contention for the NCAAs. The Vols handled them without incident and now are this week’s flavor of week among the National folks. It isn’t for good reason either, the pitching staff has been excellent over the last 6 games and prior to that as well. But before we crown them (like we did Missouri before this weekend) let’s see what happens as Tennessee visits Arkansas this weekend.

#8 Auburn – LW 11 – (26-14)

  • vs Ole Miss, THU: 7-4 W, FRI: 5-3 L, SAT: 6-5 W/10

The Tigers got some very bad news just after the series win over the Rebels as Davis Daniel will miss the rest of the season after he has Tommy John surgery on Thursday with Dr. Andrews. It’s way too early to predict the future but, depending on what happens this June in the MLB Draft, I expect Davis to go pro. On a brighter note, Jack Owen looked fantastic in his 2+ innings of work Saturday and is shooting for a start this weekend in Nashville. If Auburn can get what they have been getting from Brooks Fuller and Richard Fitts, and the offense keep taking approaches like Matt Scheffler did this weekend, all the sudden, Auburn is very dangerous again.

#9 Ole Miss – LW 8 – (27-14)

  • @ Auburn, THU: 7-4 L, FRI: 5-3 W, SAT: 6-5 L/10

Tough series loss for the Rebels who have been somewhat up and down this season. Series wins over Alabama (at home), Arkansas (on the road) and Florida (at home) have been met with series drops to Missouri (on the road), Kentucky (at home) and Auburn (on the road). The key to Auburn winning was getting to Parker Caracci Friday evening (even though it was in a losing effort) and then having Ole Miss go back to him after throwing 46 pitches just the day before. Before it was all said and done, Conor Davis would line the 95th pitch from Caracci in less than 24 hours through the left side to clinch the series.

#10 Florida – LW 10 – (26-16)

  • @ LSU, THU: 16-9 W, FRI: 13-1 L, SAT:11-2 L

The Gators get their first conference road win of the season (0-6 prior to this weekend) so that’s a positive, after that though…ugh. LSU’s offense was way too much while LSU’s pitching was way too much. The good news is that the Gators get Kentucky this weekend in Gainesville…that must be a sweep for Florida just to try and inch closer to .500 in the league.

#11 Missouri – LW 9 – (26-15-1)

  • @ Georgia, THU: 3-0 L, FRI: 5-2 L, SAT: 4-2 L

This one hurts for Mizzou. They didn’t need a series win per say, but a win is what the aim was and each game was just out of reach. All is not lost however, as the Gamecocks come in this weekend which should allow the Tigers to get a nice series win.

#12 South Carolina – LW 14 - (23-17)

  • vs Texas A&M, THU: 8-2 L, SAT G1: 3-2 W/7, SAT G2: 6-3 L/7

Right now, South Carolina is a team that battles. In the double header on Saturday, Carolina fought till the end but just couldn’t generate enough offense to get the job done. The good news for the Gamecocks is that I think they are more talented than Alabama and Kentucky. The bad news is, I’m not sure if they have enough wins on their schedule to get to Hoover instead of the other two.

#13 Alabama – LW 12 – (24-17)

  • vs Vanderbilt, FRI: 7-4 L, SAT: 13-5 L, SUN: 2-0 L

Offa, back to back sweeps are never a thing you want to have happen to you, especially how both have come about. Against Mississippi State, Alabama was outscored 28-4 and this weekend it was 22-9. Sure its State and Vandy, but there has to be a win in there somewhere…

#14 Kentucky – LW 13 – (20-20)

  • vs Tennessee, THU: 4-2 L, FRI: 16-1 L, SAT: 8-2 L

Poor Bat Cats, they open up their fantastic new ballpark and then splat. 20-20 overall and 4-14 in the conference is a rough spot to be in right now. Especially with a road series at Florida and homers against Arkansas and Vandy on the horizon.

SEC Standings (and projected Tournament Bracket)