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Jarrett Stidham Drafted by Patriots

Stidham becomes the first Tiger quarterback drafted in nearly a decade!

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There were rumblings that this could happen, and with the 133rd pick in the NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected Jarrett Stidham to join them.

We wrote about Stidham’s draft stock and what he brings to the table earlier this week, but this is quite a fantastic fit for him as he heads to learn under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Getting selected near the end of the fourth round, New England will get some solid value out of the former Auburn quarterback, and aside from Tom Brady, he’ll have to battle it out with Danny Etling and Brian Hoyer. What we saw from the scouts’ perspective of Stidham was a huge affinity for his arm and his mobility. Right now, Tom Brady is starting to hit a bit of his decline in terms of arm strength (he never had elite arm talent), and he was never a guy that could consistently escape pressure by scrambling. Of course, his ability to slide in the pocket and avoid pressure that way is legendary, and a lack of that skill was one of the knocks on Stidham in the evaluation process.

If he can be kept clean, then Stidham can be an outstanding quarterback. We saw that in 2017 behind a veteran offensive line, and he saw Stidham regress with the retooling of the offensive line with both talent and coaching. Pro Football Focus ranked the Pats’ offensive line in the top five last year, so Stidham should feel comfortable with that kind of protection. As far as the offense goes, Tom Brady ran a similar style of attack to what Auburn did, complete with a ton of screen passes to serve as an extension of the running game.

In the end, this is a great landing spot for Jarrett Stidham, as he will be able to learn under the best there is while hopefully staying comfortable with an offense that he knows some already. War Eagle!