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101 Days Until Kickoff - The Countdown Begins!

The most important part of summer is counting down until football begins. There’s only one way to count this summer.

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Auburn v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s been quite an offseason. Since Auburn last played a down of real football:

- Auburn basketball was not very good for a few weeks.

- Auburn basketball then got insanely good, spouting off a 12 game win streak including wins at Alabama, two against a top 10 Tennessee team, an SEC Championship, wins over Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky, and culminating in a Final Four Trip.

- Crow released “We’ve Got Jared” to world-wide acclaim (over 30 listens in the UK and Brazil!), and the song became the anthem for the Tiger’s postseason.

- We then found out we would no longer have Jared, or Chuma for that matter. But the guys have positioned themselves for an NBA future, which is just another crazy thing we get to say about Auburn basketball these days.

- Auburn gymnastics went toe-to-toe with LSU in the regional round and finished the year #12 in the country. Sam Cerio became a national headline, not only because of a rough injury, but because of the team’s resilience that night and her attitude despite the circumstance.

- Auburn softball had an up and down season, which ended last weekend in the regional round at Arizona. After a late season losing streak, the Tigers fought hard in the SEC Tournament (knocked off 2 seed Tennessee) and didn’t back down to one of the most storied programs in college softball.

- Auburn baseball battled through a ton of injuries to the pitching staff to put together a solid campaign with a 32-13 record. The Jolly Aubie was hoisted from the parking deck, thanks to @AUPPL on Twitter and our own Drew Mac.

- Auburn won another equestrian national championship. Ho hum.

- Lastly, but certainly not least, a horrible tornado swept through Beauregard and Smith Station, just miles from Auburn and within our community. Several people lost their lives, but the story was also one of neighborly love and support. The East Alabama community worked tirelessly and gave with open hearts to those affected, and while the people lost can never be replaced, it was heartening to see the people in our backyard show so much love.

But as the cycle of every year goes, things are winding down to an end. The baseball team still has its postseason, and we’ll see where former Auburn lettermen go in the NBA Draft. But for all intents and purposes, it’s time to look forward to 2019.

Last year, AUNerd led the charge on an insane project – instead of counting down with players by uniform number, let’s try and count down by plays of specific yardages. And dammit, we did it! This year, I decided to take a page out of Nerd’s book, and I proposed a different kind of countdown. Let’s countdown the 100 days to kickoff with… (drum roll please)


That’s right, as we stroll through the dog days of summer 2019, we’re going to take a look at each of the 100 highest rated recruits according to 24/7’s composite rankings. Unfortunately, those only go back to 2000, but the journey is still going to be a fun one down memory lane. All of the stars, all of the busts, and some players you probably don’t even remember – we have it all.

So sit back, buckle up (as our old friend would say), and enjoy the ride. Number 100 is coming at you tomorrow.