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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast presented by Sonic Tools USA!

Episode 47: Auburn QB News???

Last week, Auburn fans got some news that they’d been expecting for the most part when Gus Malzahn narrowed down the quarterback race to just two guys: Joey Gatewood (#GatewoodDriveToVictory) and Bo Nix (#BoKnows). Based on the reports out of spring football and their respective performances in the A-Day Game, it was a foregone conclusion that one of these two guys would end up being the starting quarterback come the end of August. We just don’t know who it’ll be yet.

Since Gus narrowed down the race, we narrowed down the cast on this week’s episode because Ryan couldn’t be bothered to make it back from Nashville in time to record. So, you get Crow and Chief talking about who they want to take the snaps. Remember, when we debuted #DECISION2019 back in December, Crow was on the Gatewood team while Chief stood on Nix’s side. Let’s see what they say about the recent developments!

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War Eagle!