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Power Rankings: Week 12

Welp, we are down to 2 more weekends of SEC Series’ an there are still a lot of unknowns. One of those isn’t who will be in the #1 slot (at least in my mind) but we will get to that.

Enjoy the weekend that was in the Conference!

#1 Vanderbilt – LW 1 – (38-9)

  • @ South Carolina, FRI: 22-11 W, SUN G1: 9-3 W/7, SUN G2: 6-2 W/7

Vandy just keeps on chugging and have now won 11 in a row and 14 of their last 15 games which include sweeps of Alabama, Auburn and most recently South Carolina along with a series victory over Arkansas. This is a scary Vanderbilt team right now and they show no signs of letting up. The young pitching talent is starting to get that shut down confidence and they also get the knowledge that if they do have an off night, the offense will throw up a 22 spot on some body. Good luck NCAA Tournament…I know who I am putting as my winner in my bracket.

#2 Arkansas – LW 2 – (37-12)

  • @ Kentucky, FRI: 5-2 W, SUN G1: 9-1 W, SUN G2: 4-3 L/7

A prosperous weekend on the road for the Hogs as they look to lock up the 2 seed in the SEC tournament. Sure, there are 6 games left and only 1 game separates Vandy and the Pigs but it’s actually a game and a half because of the series win Vandy has over Arkansas and while Arkansas hosts a desperate LSU team this weekend and then goes on the road to Texas A&M next weekend, Vanderbilt hosts Missouri (no easy task) and then heads to Kentucky (where they should sweep).


#3 Mississippi State – LW 3 – (38-10)

  • @ Texas A&M, FRI: 4-0 W, SAT G1: 1-0 L/7, SAT G2: 4-3 W/7

The Bulldogs get back a win on the road and could have made it a sweep if the rain hadn’t forced them to shorten their series with the Aggies but I am sure Coach Lemonis and the Bulldogs will take the road series win. State is currently tied with Ole Miss in the West and both need just one win to assure themselves of finishing the season with a winning conference record…and they play this weekend in Oxford. This will be good.

#4 Georgia – LW 4 – (37-12)

  • vs Florida, FRI: 6-4 W, SUN G1: 9-1 W/7, SUN G2: 4-1 W/7

Georgia bounced back from a disappointing weekend in Starkville with a monster weekend against the Gators, which I am sure the home crowd just loved. The sweep was bigger than you may realize as six different teams have a legitimate shot at the 4 byes in the SEC Tournament which starts two weeks from this very moment. Georgia currently has the inside track for the 3rd seed but either State or Ole Miss will get 2 wins this weekend while Georgia is on the road at Auburn. The Dawgs (just like everyone else) need a solid weekend and getting Emerson Hancock back would help them immensely.

#5 Ole Miss – LW 6 – (32-17)

  • @ LSU, FRI: 8-3 L, SAT: 5-1 W, SUN: 19-15 W/10

Talk about a wild finish on Sunday, in a game that saw 30 runs in 9 innings, the Rebels needed more and got it from some of their young bats.

It’s the first series win in Baton Rouge for Ole Miss since 1982, which is mind blowing in itself and a huge accomplishment. It also diminishes the fact that one of the most unbelievable plays I’ve ever seen happened Saturday night…

#6 LSU – LW 5 – (30-18)

  • vs Ole Miss, FRI: 8-3 W, SAT: 5-1 L, SUN: 19-15 L/10

I just don’t know what to make of this LSU ball club. I thought for sure they would take the series against the Rebels, so I didn’t pay much mind to the Saturday night result and was sure that the ol Alex Box magic would push the Tigers to victory. But it was all for naught and now LSU finds themselves on the road against Arkansas, looking to get 2 wins to get them back in the race for the West. Good luck!

#7 Missouri – LW 8 – (33-16-1)

  • @ Tennessee, FRI: 11-5 L, SAT: 6-2 W, SUN: 10-8 W

Talk about a huge road series win! Things weren’t looking good for the Tigers after the Friday night kickoff but man did they turn things around in a big way. With the Sunday victory, the Tigers punched their ticket to Hoover and are still in the running as a dark horse Regional host. They will have their shot to make their case this weekend in Nashville against the Dores.

#8 Texas A&M – LW 7 – (32-17-1)

  • vs Mississippi State, FRI: 4-0 L, SAT G1: 1-0 W/7, SAT G2: 4-3 L/7

Major letdown for the Aggies as they hoped to make a statement and jump the visiting Bulldogs. However they could not get the late hit to push them over and they drop a series at home for the first time this season. Luckily for the Aggies, a road trip to Tuscaloosa isn’t that daunting but they will still have to show up and fight the Tide.

#9 Auburn – LW 11 – (29-18)

  • vs Alabama, FRI: 5-1 W, SAT: 7-6 L, SUN: 17-7 W

The goal this weekend was to get a sweep and the Tigers were a botched double play away from making that a reality. However, Auburn did what it had to do to get the series win. There is good news and bad news though. The good news is that Auburn is right where they should be if you break down 2 home wins to 1 road win on the conference schedule AND they will probably get back Tanner Burns this Friday night. The bad news is Georgia comes to town and Auburn needs to have a series win to bolster the Regional Resume if they want to host.

#10 Tennessee – LW 9 – (32-16)

  • vs Missouri, FRI: 11-5 W, SAT: 6-2 L, SUN: 10-8 L

A complete gut punch to Tennessee’s outside shot at hosting as Tennessee now has to win out to get above .500 in the conference. It also makes this weekend’s series in Gainesville a complete dog fight as both teams need a series win, Florida boarders on the must if it isn’t there already. That in itself makes this a dangerous time for the Vols.

#11 Florida – LW 10 – (28-21)

  • @ Georgia, FRI: 6-4 L, SUN G1: 9-1 L/7, SUN G2: 4-1 L/7

Speaking of those desperate Gators, this was the one thing that they could not have and Georgia did it in style, holding Florida to just 5 hits combined in the Sunday Doubleheader. Now the Gators have to battle one of the best pitching staffs in the SEC if not the country.

#12 Alabama – LW 12 – (27-21)

  • @ Auburn, FRI: 5-1 L, SAT: 7-6 W, SUN: 17-7 L

Not a terrible weekend for the Tide as they showed grit and toughness and were able to wrestle a game away from Auburn when they had let the Tigers take a lead into the bottom of the 9th. That was the first time this season that happened to Auburn (I’m pretty sure, correct me if I’m wrong). Now the Tide returns home and gets the Aggies in a series they really need to get as either Kentucky or Carolina will get 2 wins this weekend and if they are looking to play in Hoover on Tuesday, they need a few wins down the stretch.

#13 Kentucky – LW 14 – (23-24)

  • vs Arkansas, FRI: 5-2 L, SUN G1: 9-1 L, SUN G2: 4-3 W/7

Tough home series loss but it wasn’t a complete lost cause as they steal one on Sunday. Now the series for their seasons hits as the Bat Cats travel to Columbia to take on the Gamecocks. This is a complete toss up of a series as both teams have a sure fire pitcher and then a lot of scrappiness. This will be a fun series to follow.

#14 South Carolina – LW 13 - (24-23)

  • vs Vanderbilt, FRI: 22-11 L, SUN G1: 9-3 L/7, SUN G2: 6-2 L/7

Join the club Carolina, Its Vandy’s league and we are all just here for the hot dogs. That said, this weekend is a much bigger series for Carolina if you can believe that as they host Kentucky and look for their first series win of the season. It will be a dog fight and could go a long way in deciding who goes to Hoover and who gets to see all the games on the SEC Network.

SEC Standings and Projected Bracket

Teams with their colors have clinched their spot to Hoover