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Atlanta Regional Round-up: Day 1

#3 Coastal Carolina vs #2 Auburn

  • Friday: Game 1 – 16-7 W

Who in the world was that offense and what did…nevermind, don’t tell me where they are cause they can stay there. The Tigers found the bats in their 8 days off and put them to full use in a 16-7 pounding of the Chanticleers from Coastal Carolina. If you missed this game, early it was touch and go as Jack Owen was solid early but Coastal was able to use their highly touted offense to work into the pitch count of Owen, forcing him to leave after just 3.2 innings as he gave up 2 runs on 6 hits with a walk and four strikeouts. Owens left the game in the hands of Elliott Anderson who was able to patch things over to get it to Ryan Watson who close things out. Going into the bottom of the 4th this was a 2-2 game, but it wouldn’t last for long. The Tigers would go on to score in every remaining inning, including crooked numbers in all but one of those innings as they pounded 18 hits off of Chants pitching. Steven Williams was the bell cow on this day and what a release for the sophomore who has had a rougher season than one would have thought after a stellar Freshman season. The Albany, GA native went 4-5 with 5 RBIs, 3 of which came on a monster bomb in the 4th and it would end up being the runs that would put Auburn ahead for good.

Judd Ward and along with Ryan Bliss would also get 3 hits each and drive in a combined 4 runs. In the field their was just one error but that was of little conquence as the next batter hit into a Fielder’s choice. The best and worst thing is that Auburn had to use two pitchers from to pen to close this one out, but it was Anderson and Watson and not Cody Greenhill who will be at 100% tomorrow if needed against Georgia Tech. Tanner Burns is also set to go meaning Auburn will have it’s top bullets ready for the next game up, aka: the biggest game of the year. They only get bigger from here.

Around Atlanta

#4 Florida A&M vs #1 (3) Georgia Tech – Game 2 – 13-2 Tech

Give the Rattlers credit, they held Tech to a 5-2 lead until the 7th when the Jackets finally flexed their offensive muscle and put this one away, scoring 8 runs over the next 2 innings. Nothing truly shocking here as Amos Willinham went 6 innings and then 3 other pitchers went an inning each to put away A&M.

Other Scores of Interest from the Tournament

  • #4 Cincinnati defeated #1 Oregon State 7-6 to take on #3 Michigan today. Former Tiger Jeremy Johnson had a web gem moment from this one.
  • #3 Central Michigan beat #2 Miami 6-5 to advance in the Starkville Regional and set up what will be a really fun game at the Dude tonight against State but the real fun was this Miami play to get the ball in to play to start the game
  • The SEC went 7-3 yesterday with only Tennessee, Texas A&M and Florida finding their way to the losers bracket to start the Tournament. Auburn actually was one of the lucky ones as they were one of only 3 #2 seeds to get a win on day one as the #3 seeds went an astounding 12-3 on the day.

On Deck

  • Game 3 - #3 Coastal Carolina vs #4 Florida A&M – 12:00 pm
  • Game 4 - #2 Auburn vs #1 Georgia Tech – 6:00 pm

Well, here goes nothing, for the first time in 3 years, Auburn plays a #1 seed on Saturday in the Tournament for a chance to clinch on Sunday. As has been Danny Hall’s way this season, he held out Connor Thomas and his 9-1 record for this game while Auburn will counter with a well-rested Tanner Burns and have complete use of the Bull Cody Greenhill. The real question is, can Auburn get the offensive output it got yesterday against Coastal to outscore Tech, because that is the kind of performance it will take to get past the Jackets tonight. The Tigers and Tech will be on the SEC Network this evening while the FAMU/Coastal game will be on ESPN3.