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Super Regional Recap: Game 3

Game 3– Auburn vs #14 North Carolina

  • Monday: 14-7 W

Unbelievable. That’s all I can say. It’s absolutely unbelievable. Your Auburn Tigers, our Auburn Tigers are heading back to Omaha as a participant in the 2019 College World Series. HAIL TO THE CHAMPIONS OF THE CHAPEL HILL SUPER REGIONAL! THE AUBURN TIGERS!!

But let’s go through this one because it was over early. The Auburn offense went off in a big way, and sure, 4 walks to start the game wasn’t the best start, but let’s take those away. Auburn would then only have 9 runs on 9 hits and left 1 on base. Unreal. Unprecedented. Impossible if you had said that this would happen a few weeks back against Georgia or LSU. But it definitely happened. The other really impressive thing is that there was only one home run in the inning, and that was off the bat of Judd Ward.

Everything else was strung together and smart base running to allow the Tigers to jump out to a 13-0 lead after a 50 minute top half of the 1st. Tanner Burns would get the nod and would face 7, only allowing 1 walk to the leadoff man. Richard Fitts would then enter and be the guy we have known for most of this season, going 5.1 and throwing strikes, he did give up 6 runs on 7 hits with 3 walks and 4 Ks but that’s what Auburn needed him to do. Get outs and get the game to the Bull, which he did. Auburn would add a run in the 7th for good measure but the outcome was all but official. Greenhill would enter in the bottom of the 8th and go the rest of the way, giving up a solo home run to Sabato in the 9th but it allowed for the sweetest out Auburn has had in 22 years.

Unbelievable. Speechless. What a year. What a team. Now let’s step back and look at this as best we can. This close to the impact spot. Butch Thompson took over a squad and a program that had lacked true leadership since 2009 and perhaps before that at the top. A program that was a lost ship in the night that had a proud history but had fallen on hard times. Missed the NCAA Tournament entirely in 2016. Made it to Championship Sunday in 2017 only to be denied by 1 strike from a Super Regional birth. Won the Regional in Raleigh in 2018 only to fall to Florida in the most devastating way possible. Make the tournament again in 2019, win the Georgia Tech Regional and now win the Chapel Hill Super Regional to make it to Omaha for the first time since 1997. Can we lock this man away and give him all the things he needs and wants. Look at Mississippi State (who Auburn will play Sunday). Look at Arkansas (who is also in Omaha). Look at Vanderbilt. You say you want Auburn to compete for championships? Well, You have a basketball coach who took your program to the Final Four. You have a baseball coach who just got you in to the promised land of College Baseball…now it’s time to step up Auburn Athletics Administration.

Ok, I’m off my soap box for a moment. Back to this team and what they just did. They just punched Auburn’s 5th birth to the College World Series and the 1st at TD Ameritrade. I’m crying.

On Deck

  • Omaha….vs Mississippi State….Next weekend…in the College World Series.

Well, at least the Primer will be easy for me. 3 of the 4 teams in our Pod are from the SEC with the outlier being the Louisville Cardinals. Auburn however, will open with Mississippi State and Ethan Small either Saturday or Sunday (more than likely Sunday) at TD Ameritrade. The Tigers got a rare win in a game that Small started earlier this season in Starkville so there’s a positive. Auburn should counter with Jack Owen who State has ever seen live. Remember back, that was Jack’s first missed start after Beat a Vol Sunday way back when. Other than that, you’re already over thinking it. Find your tickets, book your flight, do yourself a favor and go out to the most amazing place on earth. Omaha in June. Because your Auburn Tigers are playing there. Aaaand I’m crying again…