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TWO-A-DAYS: Belated 82 Days to Kickoff! - Tyler Nero

Mississippi State v Auburn


Nero was a 4* recruit out of Escambia County High School in the 2012 class. Like most recruits in this countdown, Nero was an UA All-American. Though Nero was a bit small for a tackle at 6-2 280, he possessed elite speed for his position, including posting a verified 4.66 40-time. That’s absurd for a defensive tackle!

Nero had offers from Auburn, Bama, and Florida among others, but committed to Auburn before his senior year and never really wavered from that.


While jokes were made about how many guys on this list were busts, it wouldn’t be fair to assign Tyler Nero to that fate. His story is a sad one. After redshirting in 2012 and being buried on the 2013 depth chart, Nero was looking for a chance to finally break out in 2014. However, during spring practice on March 29th, Nero collapsed on the field. Nero was rushed to EAMC, where test results were said to have come back okay. However, after some time away, Nero decided it was best for his health to step away from football. Neither Nero nor the University ever confirmed specifically Nero’s medical results, but it’s safe to assume the incident at practice either triggered or revealed a condition that Nero could no longer continue playing with. Nero stayed at Auburn and finished his degree on his football scholarship, but his playing days were cut short in cruel order.

War Eagle, Tyler. We wish it would’ve worked out better for you.