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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast

Episode 53: Heartbreak and Hope

It’s Orange and Truesday, y’all, and that means that it’s time for yet another edition of the Orange and True Podcast — NOW A PART OF THE SB NATION FAMILY OF PODCASTS!

A bit of housekeeping first — we’ve migrated our hosting over to Megaphone, but all of our old episodes still live on the original Soundcloud page for a little while longer.

However, that doesn’t mean that anything changes with the wonderful content of the show provided by Crow, Ryan, and Chief. And today we get the recap of Auburn’s heartbreaking loss to Mississippi State in the first round of the College World Series. It was rough, but you’ll all need to listen to Chief talking truth about JABA (Just Auburn Being Auburn).

Additionally, the guys play a game called “Who He Be and Who He Play For?” in which you get to learn just how knowledgeable Ryan and Chief are about what certain Auburn athletes look like.

And for the love of God, someone invite Chief to Lake Martin. He’s never been, and none of our intrepid hosts have ever seen Goat Island. Make it a summer priority.

Now, on to the show!