Saw a video with the question: Gus Malzahn being set up for failure?

Full disclosure: I like Gus a lot and hope he is successful enough to be the long term coach here.

I ran across this today (in credit I saw it linked on an Auburn Undercover thread).

Sadly I didn't really hear anything that I disagreed with... Most of what is being said seems to be fitting with the feel of things. Power brokers not willing to invest in the football program until either Gus is gone or he proves himself in some way. I somewhat wonder if Gus does well this year if even then everyone will pony up. Which is not how this should work. You invest in the program's future and don't tie it with your current coach's success or lack thereof.

His other point about synergy in a program also rings very true. The times we've seemingly had that most recently at AU have been some of our best in my recent memory such as 2010 and 2013.

But the overall question of this guy's somewhat click bait video title (and of this fanpost honestly) remains. Is Gus Malzahn being set up for failure?

Personally I'd like to think that it isn't a conscious decision being made but that those who make those decisions are rather coming up with excuses while hoping for something definitive to happen. Because it doesn't make sense to set him up for failure and get the program to tank in just a season or two then pay a massive buyout then on top of that pay for the facilities that are being asked for. Not to mention how bad of a look that would be to any other incoming coaches, especially anyone high profile and/or talented you want to bring in to unseat Saban.

At the same time though, people are odd and I especially don't claim to understand the minds of very wealthy people who want the football program at their favorite school to be their personal thing.

Well this started as just a thing for me to share a video that I thought was worth sharing and it ended up with my flapping my gums online. So what do any of you folks who saw this think?

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!