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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast + Bonus Karen Hoppa Interview

Big week for the crew!

If you had to identify the best state in the US, and then apply it to the best program in Auburn athletics, how would it go? Listen up as Son of Crow, Ryan Sterritt, and AU Chief stop talking about home improvements and saltwater fish tanks long enough to give you their take on the State of Auburn’s Athletic Programs.

They’re giving full takes on football, basketball, and baseball, and asking the tough questions ahead of SEC Media Days. It all boils down to “Do you support Gus Malzahn as the head coach of Auburn’s football program?”

Today, we’re also giving you a special treat, Crow got to sit down with his idol, Auburn soccer coach Karen Hoppa, to discuss everything related to the team and her thoughts on the current world of soccer as a whole!

And, listen closely to hear Ryan forget that November only has 30 days and laugh accordingly. War Eagle!