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Auburn Changing Its Logo?

Calm down, it’s not what you think.

Don’t! Mess! With my logo!

In a move destined to garner criticisms galore, Auburn is changing the logo that you’re all familiar with.

Goodbye, sweet prince.

Instead of the classic image above, OUR SOURCES TELL US that we’re getting a slightly different logo with one distinct (but perhaps altogether unnoticeable) change.

  • We’ll have a bigger A and a smaller U (eliminating the small white spaces between both letters)

As one staffer here at College and Magnolia wanted us to write: “Sources close to the program say that any changes made to the logo will be minor to point of unnoticeable to the layperson.”

Essentially, you may not have even noticed that something would be different. Perhaps a tiny inkling in the back of your brain — a spidey-sense, so to speak — would tell you that something’s off, but you’d never be able to identify it. Only if the old logo and the upcoming new logo were sat side by side would you really be able to tell. Rest easy, this isn’t a total rebranding effort by the school.

Upon first hearing this news, we were put into a bit of a tizzy thinking that maybe something drastic was going to happen, and that the University was going for a complete change.

Here’s a really in-depth and well-written history of the last time that the school tried to make a change, and was met with deeply-rooted resistance. You can see that there were a number of possible new images, nearly all of them terrible, and the sentiment among the fans, alumni, and supporters was that no change is needed. That should still be the sentiment. We’re not getting a weird retro-futuristic interlocking AU. It’s almost like we’re just zooming in a bit.

However, if we were going for a complete change, then we wouldn’t want any of the mid-90s crap that fills the article linked above, we’d want something classic or nostalgic like these —

Instead, what we’re seeing is a simple decluttering. Nothing that’s destined to rock the boat, but something that we’ll get up in arms about now and forget about a couple years down the road. “Remember when the A and the U were DIFFERENT??” you’ll bellow to your grandchildren when the 2063 Auburn Football media guide comes out.

There have been some interesting tweaks to Auburn’s appearance over the ages, but the now lame duck logo has been around for nearly 50 years. It’s got a classic zeal, and it’s somehow resisted becoming too old-fashioned. This isn’t putting orange shadow behind the numbers on football uniforms (which I didn’t hate as much as some other fans did), or giving us the tramp stamp “Auburn” on the back of our pants in 2011, or the classic daisy duke fall practice pants —

It’s not even a real game!

We’ve seen changes with the field (end zone font and midfield logo color), and we’ve seen the occasional throwback uniform as well. Heck, there’s even been backlash on the Jumbotron video song. Remember 2007 with this video?

The 2008 version was so bad that by the fourth game of the season they changed it back, complete with the faux “Please Stand By” takeover in the video for the LSU game.

There was even a temporary larger logo for A-Day a few years back and people went nuts.

To be honest, there’s really only one logo that we need in troubled times such as these:

So... new logo, but not much is changing. We do know that Auburn people love to talk about logos, though.