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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast!!

It’s WHAT-IF day!

It’s Orange and Truesday, Orange and Truthers! Today we get you a fantastic episode of the podcast as we delve into some of the great “What if?” questions in Auburn football history!

Some of the questions at hand:

  • What if Tommy Tuberville hires Gus Malzahn in 2008 instead of Tony Franklin?
  • What if Auburn wins the 2009 and 2014 Iron Bowls?
  • What happens if we don’t get Cam Newton in 2010?
  • What if Pat Dye doesn’t come to Auburn in 1981?
  • And JETGATE!

Son of Crow (featuring Daughter of Son of Crow), Ryan, and Chief go through the ins and outs of these various scenarios as they discuss how the trajectory of Auburn football may be different had any or all of these things had taken place.

Be forewarned, you will have to listen to discussions on whether or not Tim Hudson won a Cy Young, and Chief may have forgotten how many wins we had in 1998, but it’s a classic episode of the pod to take you through the long holiday weekend.

Enjoy! War Eagle!