Auburn schedule analysis from the late kick... Comments on it.

I came across this on youtube today.

Gotta say this seems pretty fair (please watch vid above before reading my comments below).

Oregon - I think they nailed this well, I like our chances but they have a solid team with a good qb at a neutral site so it being at an 8 makes sense.

Tulane - I think this may be more of a 2, but then again I am not familiar with Tulane.

Kent State - I'd rank this more of a 3 or 4 if for no other reason than Woody Barrett is on that team and may feel like he has something to prove.

@Texas A&M - That is a pretty tough place to play and say what you will about Fisher and the mess that was left of FSU the man can coach and that team of his last year was a couple plays away from being 12-1!?!?!? The 9 rating still feels high but if Kellen Mond keeps improving (which he will most likely since Fisher is a blasted good qb developer) I can get it being a 9. For some reason I keep getting the feeling it is more an 8 though even though like I just mentioned it being a 9 makes sense... Eh whatevs.

MSU - On paper I disagree with this being a 7 and more a 5-6 rated kind of game but the guy's comments about it being sandwhiched between two tough games rings true so I get the bump to a 7.

@Florida - I don't feel like this is a 10... Maybe it's leftovers from Dan Mullen's MSU teams but this Florida team just doesn't feel that dangerous to me. I get it, Mullen is a really good coach and Florida should be talented since it's Florida with a returning QB and RB who did pretty well last year. Maybe they've improved a decent bit since last year but I have a feeling we match up pretty well with them. I'd still agree with this being an 8 or 9 rated game on a toughness scale but not a 10.

@Arkansas - On first glance I'd say this is more of a 4, but like the guy said it's on the road and I imagine that Chad Morris' team will improve a good bit here in year 2. I think a 6 works for this game. That said we should have them pretty out-matched but it's a road game in the SEC and weird things happen.

@LSU - I feel better right now about this game than I should, but even then I can't disagree with this game being a 10. Overcoming the losing streak that we have in Baton Rouge is no easy matter as we've seen these kind of streaks historically be very difficult to break out of at times and that's not even mentioning that LSU should have another very solid team this year.

Ole Miss - Home game or not we'll have played LSU the week before and could be a bit punch drunk. A 6 makes sense for a toughness scale on this game.

Georgie - I mean, I get they have a really good qb and a good bit of talent still and whatever people they still have after the folks they've lost due to draft/graduation/arrests/dismissals should have found their stride by now and all that. Still though, if I remember right that's still a good number of people to lose and it's at home. I feel like this is more of a 9 than a 10.

Samford - This is more of a 2 I think, Gus generally seems to use these games before Bama as pure tune up games so sometimes these are closer at the half than we like.

Alabama - It's at home but it's also bama with a really really good qb and receivers. One of the banes of Steele's defenses is that if you do have a qb that can make those 50/50 throws and receivers that can grab them then you most likely will be able to score some points and Bama has the players to do that. If AU is still in contention for the playoff or the West though, then our team has probably improved to where we can go toe to toe on both sides of the ball, but even in the best case scenario it will probably still be a very very tough game. So, yes I agree with the 10. And yet, after saying all that I feel hopeful... Weird.

Most likely: 8-4 is probably the most likely but I'll be a bit more positive and say 9-3 regular season.

Best case: 11-1 - I feel like our best case is a bit better here as best case to me would entail a qb being really good, Gus calling plays working out and not having any major injuries would put us in a pretty good spot against most of the teams we play. That said it would be a bit much to say we wouldn't have at least 1 loss.

Worst case: 6-6 - Even worst case where we are dealing with injuries, Gus is struggling to call plays and the new qbs struggling through the first half of the year we still can grind out an even record (see 2015).

What do y'all think of these folk's scale of toughness and best/worst case scenarios?

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