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Belated 41 Days to Kickoff: Ronnie Brown

New York Giants v San Diego Chargers

Ronnie Brown was my favorite player at Auburn my freshman year. It’s hard to imagine a collegiate running back with a better mix of size, speed, and finesse than Brown. I saw him desolate the house of Neyland one night. I was there when he shook a Georgia defender out of his desire to football. Ronnie Brown was a P R O B L E M in 2004. As much as Cadillac flummoxed defenses, Ronnie gave opponents bruises on his way to the end zone.

The Recruit

That’s what this article is supposed to be about, I guess. I don’t get asked to write many of these because I don’t stick to formats well and I’m running 30 minutes late for my own life. Anyway, Ronnie went to Cartersville High School and I’m sure brutalized lesser talented teenagers on his way to 25 touchdowns his senior year. He scored a touchdown every 8th carry his senior year. He was the Georgia Class 2A player of the year winner. I need you guys to think about the level of play at most 2A schools, and then think about Ronnie freaking Brown playing those kids in Tackle Football and try not to laugh out loud at the unfairness of life. When I was a young kid in Texas, I remember hearing about Shaq playing 1 or 2A basketball down in San Antonio and dunking on 5’9” chubby-calved-nerds and laughing to myself about it while also being thankful the Good Lord didn’t make me have to guard SHAQ in high school.

I couldn’t find video of Ronnie from high school, but I’m sure it’s similar to that and also hilarious.

The Player

Shaq to Cadillac’s Kobe, the Hulk to Cadillac’s Iron Man. Ronnie Brown was the nuclear option.

Don’t take my word for it, ask this Tennessee safety

If that had happened in 2019, there would be comments under that video with “RETIRE” and “OMG he Just ENDED HIS CAREER” and “W0W YEET!” or whatever kids are saying.

Ronnie was a dominant force, and had he not shared carries with Cadillac we’d remember him as a top 3 running back in Auburn history—don’t @ me.

He could run, he could catch, he could pass protect. There was nothing you needed a running back to do, that Ronnie couldn’t give you in spades.

This run against Mississippi State is one that makes the case for everything Ronnie could do to you.

Then Ronnie went second over-all to the NFL draft and single handedly ushered in the WILDCAT offense while destroying a really good Patriots team on a Monday night in Miami.

Ronnie Brown is what Boobie Whitlow should want to be when he grows up. Ronnie in a Malzahn offense would have won three Heismans and an Oscar for Best Original Score.