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59 Days to Kickoff! - Coynis Miller

The Tiger’s premier trash talker cracks the top 60!

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

As we continue our march to kickoff, we take a look at the top 100 recruits to sign with Auburn of all-time*. The rankings are based on 247’s composite recruit rankings, which unfortunately only date back to 2000.


Now a rising sophomore out of the 2018 class, Miller was arguably the top defensive lineman in the state of Alabama as a recruit. Though a bit smaller height-wise compared to other elite defensive tackles, Miller still showed an amazing blend of quickness and power in his high school film. In fact, Miller even played wildcat quarterback at Jackson-Olin HS, pounding the ball in for a few touchdowns and short yardage pickups. Here’s AUNerd’s scouting report on him from 2017:

The first thing that jumps out about Miller is his athleticism. Defensive tackles aren’t often used as Wildcat QBs but that’s the case for Miller who moves so incredibly well (specifically laterally) that he’s hard to handle coming downhill at the goaline. I mean how can you not love a 6’2” 300 lb kid throwing jump passes for TD?

As a defender, he’s explosive. He’s a bit shorter than lineman Garner typically recruits but has long arms and outstanding power. I love how quickly he can change directions and he fits that multiple mold that Garner loves in his lineman. Auburn could use him as a strongside defensive end or slide him inside to a 3-tech. Heck, he’s powerful enough you could probably play him at the nose some in those 3 down looks. Bottom line, he’s a guy with a large skillset that should let him find a way onto the field early.

In a year where Alabama had a need at defensive tackle, it was no surprise he was a top target of the Tide. But, Coach Rodney Garner and Auburn showed themselves to be the favorites early on in Miller’s recruitment, as the defensive tackle had been visiting the Plains even during his friend (and Jackson-Olin teammate) T.D. Moultry’s recruitment the year prior. With Moultry on board at Auburn, it was no surprise to land Miller’s commitment.


Coynis played in 5 games last as a true freshman last fall with limited snaps, though he did record a tackle for loss in the Texas A&M comeback win. Going into 2019, I would expect Miller’s playing time to increase as former starter Dontavius Russell and backup Andrew Williams graduated. While there’s a chance Coynis takes the starting job next to Derrick Brown, I would expect that position to be mainly by committee more often than not. Both Nick Coe and Marlon Davidson will take some snaps at tackle, and junior Tyrone Truesdell has the most experience at the position outside of Brown.

Miller will be looked at to take over in 2020, though, when at least three of the Tiger’s impact defensive lineman are expected to be gone. As has been the case since Gabe Wright’s tenure at Auburn, the next “generation” of defensive tackle will get a chance to learn not just from Coach Garner but from a top-flight talent at the position for a year or two before having to start.

Miller also made his impact felt on Auburn Twitter, showing 80-level trash talking skills this past year. HIs twitter is now private, which makes it hard for me to go back and reference any specific tweets of his, but perhaps his most memorable moment came this past signing day, when George Pickens spurned Auburn for UGA.

The tweet was later deleted and this is likely what drove his account to being private (just speculating here).