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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast! - TOP TEN WEEK


Crow, Ryan, and Chief give up the longest chunk of time for your listening enjoyment that they ever have to bring you this week’s Orange and True Podcast!

Today it’s Auburn Top Tens! Position rankings, loudest games, worst games in Jordan-Hare Stadium, and much more! You’ll hear opinions from different eras (Ryan the millennial and Crow/Chief the crotchety old men) as they argue about the value of Ryan Davis over Emory Blake, or Tucker Frederickson over Stephen Davis.

Feel free to make fun of anyone’s list and the insane takes that they want to throw into this episode of the podcast. We had contributions from everyone involved — Ryan, Crow, Chief, Jack, Will, Drew Mac, B Gwin, and Josh Dub!

Starting next week we get into Auburn 2019 content, so enjoy your last bit of offseason banter!