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6 Days to Kickoff! - Cadillac Williams!

We’re in the final week, so here come the legends.

We’re doing things a little differently tonight. as we barely get in under the gun for six days to kickoff. Instead of listing a recruit’s 247 profile and telling about how they were recruited by everyone in the Southeast before making the obvious correct choice to attend Auburn, we’re giving an absolute legend the special treatment.

Carnell “Cadillac” Williams was one of the most ultra-mystical recruits in the history of Alabama high school football, and he eventually came to Auburn. He was an immediate success, and ended his career as an All-American, and member of the 2004 undefeated season. He scored 45 career touchdowns, ran for over 3,800 yards, and did some of the most amazing things you’ll ever see.

Tonight, we invite our very own AU Chief to reminisce AUDIO STYLE about Carnell Williams as part of the Orange and True Podcast.

Enjoy the rest of the show later tomorrow as we preview Oregon this coming Saturday! War Eagle!