Well Then....Didn't See That One Coming

So if you haven't seen yet, the SEC just released the 2020 football schedule for all schools. As many on hear know, there was some rumblings of Auburn wanting the Georgia and Bama games to be separated by a few weeks, to alleviate how brutal our November schedule usually is.

Well sim sim salah bim.....we got our wish.

Week 1: Alcorn State

Week 2: UNC (Atlanta)

Week 3: @ Ole MIss

Week 4: Southern Miss

Week 5: Kentucky

Week 6: @ Georgia

Week 7: Texas A&M

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: @ Miss State

Week 10: Arkansas

Week 11: UMass

Week 12: LSU

Week 13: @ Alabama

Oh we got our wish alright, to the tune of the LSU game now being 7 DAYS BEFORE THE IRON BOWL.

Who did Gus piss off at the SEC office to force this meshuggeneh on us?!

I will say, this schedule does space out the difficult games a bit more than before, but having to play LSU at home, then travel up to Toilet Town is about as difficult as the schedule used to be (maybe even tougher). The early part of this schedule opens us up to start the season 5-0 before our trip to Athens. But we could easily be 6-3 going into the LSU game.

Hang on to your butts, folks. 2020 is going to be WILD.


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